First Guided Meditation Video!

Getting ready for filming...
Click on the photo for a guided meditation video to tap into your intuitive center.

Increasingly I’m feeling nudged to lean a little more into creative contributions to share with others — something I work on frequently with coaching clients and have come to realize is a journey which never stops.

Nor, perhaps, would we want it to.

Saying yes to the inner invitation to share our truth is one of the main ways we stay in alignment. 

And like a swimming instructor always stepping back a few more paces and inviting us to swim further– we can trust that the call of our own lives will always beckon us beyond our comfort zone.

Yet there are ways we can resource ourselves even as we stretch and grow.

This week I had a chance to walk my walk and do something I’ve never done before –film a guided meditation video to share on the Bird in Hand website. Writing is a teeny bit more comfortable for me because it is possible to go deep inwardly, excavate something to explore, and stay “behind the veil” so to speak: writer on one side, reader on the other. It makes the vulnerability of talking about the soul and inner dynamics more palatable. Youtube however feels a bit more visceral and out there.

I crafted this pond meditation as a tool to help you visualize your “gut knowing” or instinctual center of intelligence. For dropping in and down and taking note of how we actually feel in our bodies as well as the resource of our intuition is one of the fastest ways to feel better. It is a guide which is often ignored yet always available.

So please click on the above photo and try out the guided pond meditation — I invite you to take your shoes off wherever you are, connect to the ground, take a few breaths, and enjoy. And of course—I’d love to hear about your experiences. Click on “leave a reply” below and share how it goes!



2 thoughts on “First Guided Meditation Video!”

  1. Shelly, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. That moment (of laying on my back on warm sand and imagining thoughts as little boats on the surface of the pond) is one of the most helpful meditation images for me too. fun to connect more in this new format (youtube). one day maybe in person! xxo Courtney

  2. Hi Courtney
    What a great meditation. I loved listening to your soothing and friendly voice. My favorite moment was imagining myself deep in the pond where the pebble landed and looking back up at the ripples and sunshine. Thanks for a lovely respite! — Shelly

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