The Enneagram– An Ancient Personality Map

Nature is full of patterns. Why wouldn’t there also be patterns in human personalities? 

The Enneagram is a tool for self-knowledge. It is an ancient map of the human experience which identifies nine personality types (three types lead with “heart”, three types lead with “head” and three types lead with “gut” or intuitive knowledge.)

Without awareness, our personality is in the driver’s seat of our lives. When we bring awareness to these personality habits (which live not only in our heads but are full body neural pathways) we reconnect to the freedom + choice which is ours in each moment. And to the deeply intuitive voice of our soul or essential self.

This is a lifelong process, but the Enneagram is a uniquely powerful tool to fast track inner growth and awareness.

Why is this important? So you can feel better sooner! And have more clarity about the unique work + life that is called out of you.

In my experience the enneagram is more powerful than other personality systems in that it not only describes your type but provides specific fieldwork practices which fast track inner transformation. Also the Enneagram helps us see clearly our limits and vulnerabilities so that more of our strengths are revealed. This happens often in fresh and surprising ways! It also reminds us that all personality types are inherently good and that we need each other’s wisdom. I have found the enneagram to inspire honesty, growth, and enduring improvements to quality of life.

The Enneagram is one of the foundational tools for my coaching + teaching.  I work with people to help them discover their personality type and to identify custom fieldwork practices to work with your personality to step over the stumbling blocks and release more of the gifts! I also teach the Enneagram to leadership teams, staff and other groups.

You can read more about coaching or teaching for details.

I also offer two self-study ecourses which include a deeper Enneagram study:

UPLEVEL: Move Consciously Through Change + Find Your New Equilibrium 

Parenting with the Enneagram: 9 Human Energies + How the Live in Children

Lastly, I recommend several favorite Enneagram books on my Inspiration tab or you can take a free tour of the 9 types over on my favorite general Enneagram website (and the school I study with), Worldwide Enneagram.

xo Courtney

PS The Enneagram can be a teeny overwhelming at first. Please don’t let this stop you for exploring it. It is truly the most transformational tool I know of + I _love_ helping people move through the information to discern how to live it.  

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