At our core, we all want to show up and make our mark in this beautiful world.

But in the process, we often lose our equilibrium and we end up eating ourselves on the inside to contribute “out there.”
We long for more time. More space. More clarity.

To be shown what is ours alone to do and to know how to infuse our lives with elegant pauses.

To gift ourselves guilt-free time to recharge and renew. To relax the internal pressure. To feel our own “enoughness” – not as an intellectual idea but as a homecoming in our bodies. To laugh more. To feel present to the people and places we love.

To feel so wholly satisfied in who we are and what we are doing that we lay down the habit of comparing and despairing.

To no longer feel like we are “missing” our right life. Living one lane over from the fullness which is our birthright.

Showing up and making fierce, brave, creative contributions in our communities or work lives and savoring the beauty and humble pleasures of the everyday.

Creating a life which fits us. Not too small. Not too big. Just right.

I See You

Somewhere along the way, you started to believe that it wasn’t safe to stop trying so hard. Or to trust yourself – especially your authentic desires and longings which can seem silly or superficial to your inner task master.

I know the struggle well because it was once mine. I have been there.

Hi I am Courtney

I created the Flourish coaching program because it’s possible to live a life where you lay down the habit of compartmentalizing and instead feel like you get to show up with your whole, authentic self in every space: work, home, and anywhere you feel called to go.

I created Flourish to teach women how to make peace with that part of them that is never satisfied.

I’m taking over a decade of professional, academic, and deep personal exploration and making it available to you wherever you live.

If we’re just meeting for the first time, here’s what
I want you to know about me and my work:

warrior pose

  • I have long been fascinated by this question of how our inner life shapes our work in the world and spent four years studying the intersection of spirituality and leadership/social entrepreneurship at Harvard, earning dual Masters from the Divinity and Kennedy Schools.
  • I am a certified Life Coach through Martha Beck’s renowned coach training program. (She is a Master, Oprah’s life coach and as fun live as she is in her books.) I am also a certified holistic life coach through the Spencer Institute and have studied the Enneagram extensively through the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition Community. I have a special interest in how our personality type is expressed somatically, or in our bodies.
  • I’ve hosted transformative retreats across the United States and internationally to sold-out gatherings of women on how they too can find ease and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives.
  • I am a recovering overachiever who totally knows the pain of getting caught in what I call “the gold-star economy” and pushing and striving your way through life.
  • I believe women living satisfied and spacious lives is a form of leadership with powerful ripple effects which help to create a better world. The kind of world I want for myself and for all of our children.


  • Guidance in moving consciously through your change process: You are not crazy, you are just growing! Old or stale relationships, concepts of yourself and ways of working may need to shift or fall away to make space for the new.
  • Clarity about next steps (especially in terms of relationships, career and creative choices) and support in taking them.
  • The Creation of your Flourish Formula, a unique template or internal support structure which allows you to step into the next level of your life with confidence and ease.
Flourish Program Components

Flourish is an online program, which means women from anywhere in the world can participate via phone or computer.

Flourish is a powerful coaching program which combines eight powerful tools and guides you in the creation of your own custom plan or FLOURISH Formula. Alone each of the eight steps is a potent ally; together they are an incredibly incisive process which creates clarity about next steps and resiliency for overcoming challenges. This program moves deeply and quickly to help you navigate your own change process and step into your next level of life with more ease.

The Flourish Program Includes

book An electronic copy of my book The Flourish Formula
audio Eight hour long audio lessons (so you can listen on the go at your convenience),
written guides Written guides and deepening questions (to help you implement the lessons in your everyday life)
q&a Regular Q & A calls to help you get out of any stuck places right away and engage in inspired action. The calls are recorded and you can submit your questions ahead of time if you can’t make it live.
facebook The invitation to participate in a private Flourish group on Facebook – a thriving community of women around the country who are implementing these steps, sharing questions and insights, and offering encouragement and support every step of the way.



A time-sensitive bonus offer of two private 60-minute coaching calls with Courtney. These calls are your opportunity to get personalized encouragement, coaching support through any challenges which emerge as well as specific recommendations to help you integrate the Flourish process into your real life.


A 3-day retreat in May of 2018, which will include over 12 hours of live group coaching to help you move through any obstacles to implementing your Flourish Formula. This is an intimate gathering to give you a chance to ask questions and get targeted support.


Courtney Pinkerton
This investment includes everything listed in the breakdown section above — including the retreat and private coaching with me.

When you click on the secure “REGISTER NOW” button, you will have the option of paying in full or in two installments of $600 each. (This is an introductory offer while the program is in its beta phase. The price will rise significantly once The Flourish Formula book is published. Register now to secure this introductory pricing.)

If you are having butterflies right now, that’s understandable. You’ve already invested so much in your education and accomplished hard-earned goals which didn’t deliver on the quality of life you wanted. And you don’t want to set yourself up for another disappointment. I get it.

So I’m going to be completely honest with you:

If you are looking for a quick fix or a coach who will force you into new habits or let you hide or slip under the radar, do not sign up for Flourish. You will be disappointed.

However, if you are ready for a significant change in how you live your life (a shift which both opens you up more to daily pleasures and helps extract your most potent gifts), a coach who is both gentle and effective (and who holds you to your highest intentions for this life) plus a community of women who will encourage you to be more brave and compassionate than you ever thought you could be… sign up for this. Invest in your own transformation.

Now I know that sometimes it can feel like work to line up the help you need.

But I also know that the right support can be like a greenhouse for your dreams — protecting them when they are tender shoots and fast-tracking their growth.

And why is that important? Not because life is a race. In fact, I think the opposite: the more you slow down and get laser clear on what you desire and what you are here to share,
the more you slay.

Not eating yourself on the inside to look good on the outside.

But flourishing from the inside out and sharing that unique medicine that you are here to offer to our world.

How This Works

Your investment in Flourish is an external commitment to your inner transformation. I have built this program around the very best teaching, training, and experiential insights I have to help women break free from the busyness fog once and for all. And I am bringing together a light-hearted and insightful group of women to accompany you on your journey.

But I can’t simultaneously hold space for your success and your failure, so my refund policy is very simple.

All of your payments — including your initial deposit — are non-refundable.

Why? Because I know, from personal experience how much more quickly and easily we can move through the shifts you desire when you are fully committed. And investing in yourself in this way is a powerful motivator: it equips you to show up for you. To follow through. To live into the changes you desire. Which ends up, of course, not only helping you to feel waaaay better but also unlocks the most powerful skills you are here to share.

Plus a percentage of your registration fee goes to Education Plus Nicaragua, which helps children in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Granada learn how to read.


Flourishing is never a solitary sport. You living fully is a huge gift to those around you.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.