About Bird in Hand


Bird in Hand is a boutique coaching and retreat practice which creates space for people to ask their deep questions and to support each other in the inner work which transforms lives. Whether you desire peace of mind in daily interactions, life-giving intimate relationships, or the freedom to release your creative and entrepreneurial gifts in the world–you are welcome here! In addition to one-on-one coaching support, we offer custom-designed live events for creative folks looking to sink their teeth into a more meaningful life.

Read more about the vintage tavern sign which sparked the name here.

In life as in literature when a bird shows up– you better pay attention.

In fairy tales and epic stories if you ignore the bird’s lesson it will come back to seriously disrupt your quest.

In children’s books birds are often depicted from the side. We are not the center of their attention; instead they are always looking to the future– to what might yet unfold.

Participating in Bird in Hand services or events are an opportunity for:

    • sharing in conscious community;
    • exploring thought-provoking questions and ideas;
    • discovering channels to your inner wisdom;
    • expressing yourself; and
    • having fun!