Sometimes we all need a space. Somewhere to go to exhale. To be reminded of our more spacious self. To slow down. To reconnect to our spark. To feel supported as we grow. Curious to learn more? Schedule your complementary discovery session today!

How it works….

Together we look at your life holistically and examine what is not working as well as map your desires for a full and meaningful life. This is not a superficial “outside in” approach for generating goals to accomplish or for adding more stress to your already busy schedule. Rather it is an “inside out” way of listening deeply, honoring your inner wisdom, and making that actionable everyday. Plus it is fun!

What Are the Benefits You Can Expect?

  • Reconnect with your passion and creativity
  • Dial down the voice of the inner critic
  • Increase your energy and motivation
  • Gain understanding of the mind/body connection
  • Identify and move beyond draining habits
  • Build stronger and more fulfilling relationships
  • Deepen your awareness
  • Enjoy more peace and happiness in everyday life

Coaching Options

I specialize in helping clients:

  • Move consciously through the change cycle. You are not crazy, you are just growing! Old or stale relationships, concepts of yourself and ways of working may need to shift or fall away to make space for the new. 
  • Get clarity about next steps (especially in terms of relationships and career choices) and support in taking them.
  • Craft an integrated, authentic, and soulful life.

If you are ready for a deep dive and serious transformation and would like me to guide you through the FLOURISH Formula, the subject of my forthcoming book and a process I have used on myself and dozens of other clients to find lasting improvements in clarity + quality of life I’d love to talk more! You can schedule your complementary half hour discovery session here.   

“Coaching with Courtney is like a class you take on yourself with a good instructor. It is a class about you. You find out things you like, and thing you don’t like. You are going to do the work! But it has been wonderful to talk to someone smart, caring, & thoughtful to work through things I get stuck in. It is not always so easy from the inside to see how you are stuck. As a result of our coaching sessions I feel more in control. And when stressful things happen I remember to breathe. I have also been happier. This has been really nice. And more grounded. Meditation has been an unexpected and awesome bonus.” Liena, Publisher, Brooklyn NY. 

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Ready to get learn more? 

Schedule your complementary discovery session today!

Let’s make this the year where your personal, work and embodied selves all get to play together. Show up. Be seen. Bloom.  XO Courtney

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