In honor of next week’s Mini Retreat on Super Foods for the Whole Family– I dug into vintage family pics to find this one with Coleman, now 6, and Perl, now 4, enjoying produce from the community garden. I love how totally engrossed we all look– them in the delight of tomato and pepper warm from the sun and me in them.

What lights you up… without you even having to try?

For me, edible flowers would be on the short list. We keep a box of calendula growing down by our gate practically year round. Watching Perl pick some petals and pop them in her mouth or sprinkle over a salad (or even birthday cake!) are show stoppers for me. Little moments that light up my life from the inside out.

Other things on the list… conversation with soul friends, writing, Rumi, hard cider and catching up with my man, evening walks with our pooch.

I’ve been thinking lately about what Danielle Laporte calls “metrics of ease” in Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Sucess on Your Own Terms.

(Psst Dallas folks I’ll be launching a group coaching series this summer using this great resource. details next week.)

Danielle clarifies that there are two kinds of easy: quality and cheap. Quality easy has a sense of fluidity and brings a sense of expansion to things. Quality easy is compelling– drawing us forward like flowers into the light. Cheap easy – by contrast– can’t see that some losses are gains. Cheap easy stays in a stifling relationship because it seems easier than dividing up the furniture. Cheap easy plays small in the world to avoid risk and ends up selling out her bigger truth.

Lately I’m taking note of the stuff that comes easy– whether it be in my work life or home life or anywhere life. And wondering what it might be like to breathe big and create more space for quality easy in my day to day experience.

What is lighting up your life from the inside out these days?

What comes easy? I’d love to hear in the comments below.



PS Here are deets on the Mini-Retreat for Mamas next Thursday May 23 10AM-2PM. $80 gets you four hours of restoration: a full yoga class by Tara, organic home-made meal, demo and discussion by Ashley– nutrition coach extra-ordinare, and your very own medicinal herb seedling, Tulsi, or holy basil, to take home to your garden. Come -it will be fun. And invite a friend for half price. RSVP via email to or call 972 571-6860.

May 23 Nourishing Super Foods for the Whole Family

With gardens growing and summer harvests ahead join us for an exploration of super foods and learn how to concentrate your nutrition to optimally nourish body and soul. Join us for a stimulating detox yoga sequence and to enjoy a chocolate mint super smoothie and other cleansing recipes! Each participant will also take home a medicinal plant seedling for the garden and learn some simple herbal practices which quiet anxiety and enhance everyday life.