“Now I feel better” explained a coaching client when I asked her to reflect back over our time working together. “It is easier to wake up in a better mood. I used to frequently go to bed with a hurt on my heart and now I can process it, with meditation. It is easy to be a snowball rolling down hill. Now I can stop. I recognize when I am spiraling, or being too overbearing and I can push the pause button. These months working together have made self-awareness a habit that I will carry with me into my life.”  Amy

This is the kind of conversation which really lights me up– hearing how people have found their way into a meditation practice and awareness of their own personality which leaves them feeling lighter.

And from a different conversation I was part of this week on leadership:

“I think its important on every level of life to see ourselves as “the leaders we’ve been waiting for” – and that goes for politics as well as our personal lives. As the Quaker tradition taught me, I need to keep asking myself “What is my leading?”, and then follow it as best I can. I also think that its important to remember that if its true that we’re all in this together –and it is! – then everyone leads and everyone follows. That’s what I means to be part of the ecosystem called life. So, no more waiting for the right leaders to arise and show us the way. Lets just do it for each other! Thanks again for these reflections that “lead” to further reflections…” Parker

Guest blogging for an organization I admire, Courage and Renewal, was a welcome opportunity to connect with a wider audience also passionate about integrating soul wisdom into their whole lives. (If you missed it you can check out my post on Self-Leadership on the Courage blog here).

But having my fav author, Parker Palmer, engage with my ideas and write back via a comment on the post–that’s a super fun moment for me as a thinker and a writer! Not to mention the wisdom in his comments. Every time he talks about what he learned as part of Quaker community it makes me want to go to Quaker training camp. And the best part? After meeting him at a retreat last spring I know he is a real person and don’t need to keep him on a pedestal. But I still breathe in and enjoy the sweetness of being part of the right conversation.

These are just little samples from my life, moments when I felt in communion with others and my own purpose. 

Can you take notice of conversations in your life where you feel really engaged and seen?

These are often also the places where you can serve out of your unique gifts…

Take a moment to run your minds eye over the past week and see which encounters come to the surface for you.

Perhaps you also want to begin to notice the places where you feel shut down or out, or where you feel that you have to wear a mask or “turn it on” for things to go alright.

Seeking out the right conversations is one of the easiest way to build the life you want to be living, from the inside out. Whereas trying to “live your authentic life” may feel like a tall order– having the conversations you want to be having and slowly growing your life around them is a gentle way to move in that direction.

And keep in mind that these authentic conversations are certainly not all in the professional or public realm. Many of the most meaningful conversations are with intimates. The friend who holds you in times of uncertainty. The sister who has your back. The neighbor who listens.

Finding those people…  and editing our own lives so that we have space to also be those people are two simple steps toward soul-centered living.

And as always I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to shoot me an email—many of you have shared that you are just not “comment on blog people”, that’s ok I still love you and want to hear. Or if you are feeling brave today go ahead and offer a comment by clicking reply below.



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