One of the ways people get burned out on gratitude is because they list the same big things over and over again: health, children, job etc.Instead, it helps to get really specific.

The granular level is where life feels juicy!

Today I’m grateful for…

This gorgeous pumpkin we grew in our plot in the community garden. My first time to grow my own.

Fun art for my desk. I’m not sure what is going on exactly with the bear marionette, jumping whales, or upside down house… but I love the dynamism of the print (From WeAre1976), especially the gigantic girl. She seems really organic, in the flow of nature and life and powerful.

A friend gave me the art this weekend as an early birthday present: I am grateful for each of my 37 times around the sun.

And I celebrate my tenth wedding anniversary with a special trip this weekend with my man. I’m ever so grateful that our paths crossed in the Peace Corps. And for his great taste in music and the ease I feel in his company.

We are hosting Thanksgiving for the first time this year. I am grateful for a full house of family and friends (including 6 little ones under 7!) and the excuse to make several new gluten free desserts—especially chololate pie and a pear and ginger crisp.

And this morning I am grateful for the warm cup of yerba mate at my hand and the pleasure of writing for a community of readers about that which feels fresh, authentic and spacious.

So as you reflect on gratitude this week (truthfully it is a wonderful regular practice) see if you can get really specific. Like “I’m-grateful-that-this-bath-is-the-exact-right-temperature” specific. And see how it feels.

Not that gratitude is a job to do. More a multi-vitamin for the consciousness.

Birder, know I am grateful for you.


PS The holidays can be an intense time. Contact me if you could use some coaching support. Email or call 972 571 6860 to start the conversation. xxo