I love you so much_ Austin graffiti

It is has been a full week around here Birders: we hosted thanksgiving for the first time and celebrated my birthday, my husbands birthday and our wedding anniversary!

When I started crafting today’s post I realized what I most wanted to share with you are some images from my weekend trip to Austin to celebrate ten times around the sun with my man (Here we are with some of Austin’s most beloved street art).

Normally I love to dive into and write about juicy soul questions or explorations of meditation practices. But sometimes… rather than feeling deep that kind of inquiry can feel heavy— know what I mean?

Like you I like to look under the hood of life and often feel an intense desire to be present to it and of service.

Yet… sometimes I know I need to take myself down a few notches, attend to my receiving gates, and simply drink in that which is fresh and easy.

Travel for me always stretches out the borders of my life. It reminds me when I come back home that I’m actually choosing this particular life (or have chosen it) through countless big and little choices — where to live, whom to marry, what friends and work I invest in, down to how i spend this one simple day.

This is the definition of mindfulness: rather than viewing life as a series of tasks to be accomplished, bills to be paid, activities to move through instead remembering that so much of what we live flows out of moment to moment choices.

So before I go any deeper here… some pictures of Austin good times including yard art from our boutique hotel and vintage delights from funky stores on South Congress.









St. Francis


Austin capital

What is feeling fresh and easy for you this day?

Could you open up your receiving gates to let in more of it?



PS There is a lot cooking over here in Bird-in-Hand land in terms of new projects and collaborations for 2014 (including my first ecourse on navigating transition!) I’m also booking clients interested in starting my tranformational coaching series in January. If you would like to work together to open your channels wide to soul wisdom in 2014 I’d love to hear from you and get our first session on the calendar! xxo

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