Advent wreath week two

Some days I get tired of words. This is one of those days. It is nothing personal, I mean, I still really care for them. And soon I shall return. It is often on days my mind is tired of wrapping itself around concepts and language that I most enjoy nature.

Vitamin N, as it is called, is also a powerful mindfulness tool.

It digests our stress and anxiety for us so we don’t have to do the heavy lifting.

And there is something delicious about nature meditations this time of year.

While it is snowy and cold in this North American corner of the globe we have some super fun traditions which bring nature indoors. (Want to create your own Green Advent wreath like the one above? Here is a free guide Green Advent Meditations_2013.)

There is something so crazy and rowdy about bringing a tree (a whole tree!) into our living room– still holding a bit of the cold winter’s air between its branches. I can see the delight in my little people’s faces as they breathe it in. (Here’s our small one getting suited up to go pick out the tree with her papa.)

Setta Christmas

Grownups are not immune to nature’s calming influence.  There was a palpable hum of contentment that filled the room as participants in my recent Advent wreath workshop interacted with aromatic herbs and freshly-cut local wood bases.

How can you interact with nature this week?

It might be as simple as bringing in a beautiful bare branch on which to meditate.

Or hanging greenery in honor of the winter solstice (historically a time to adorn evergreens with shiny bits– meant as encouragement to the Sun to return after these long winter nights.)

Or making a cup of tea from dried herbs, like this lovely tarragon from a neighbor which made my new favorite cup of tea over the weekend– tarragon and tulsi!

Amy's tea     Tea

The holiday season can be overly hectic. Let nature help with the detox of your nervous system. And of course I’d love to hear about your favorite way of incorporating nature in your meditation in the reply/comments section below.