Fairy House

I like taking stock in January but resolutions can feel like a lot of pressure. Instead, why not identify a few good questions to guide your way? (Asking the right questions and committing to live your way into the answers bypasses the whole performance anxiety around setting goals and creates a framework for integrating soul nudges.)

So here are a few questions to get your juices flowing:

What habitual filter or way of approaching life are you starting to suspect might not be showing you the full picture of reality?

What simple practices help to relax this filter and to shift your mood or state of being?

Where could you use some extra support? 

Recently I signed up for a training program which helps coaches with the financial and business end of their work. I can’t tell you how much energy has been freed up as I’m getting practical hands-on financial and legal guidance as well as new relationships with coaches across the country. I also unearthed an “I can do it all myself” attitude which simply wasn’t serving me.

In order to make the shift to serve and to show up bigger in our life and work we need to resource our growing edges.

This doesn’t mean you are not already thoughtful, conscious, aware and awake.

It simply means you are human and like all of us, you need quality relationships and support in order to thrive.

If you are feeling nudged to go deeper this year, to burn off non-essentials (like a habit of looking outside yourself for validation or guidance) and to take some serious steps toward creating a life with more room for your authentic self to show up– I would love to talk with you!

I have two spots open for new clients for my ten week transformational coaching program. January is such a wonderful time to start. Please call or email to set up a free conversation.

big big wishes for an expansive 2014!



PS One thing which shifts my mood is meditating. It reminds me of the magic embedded in the moment. Today Rosetta played with her fairies while I meditated (normally I try to wait till a solitary moment but that wasn’t happening today so instead I got lots of practice bringing my attention back to my breath rather than getting uptight about distracting noises in the environment:) Anyway, the photo above is more or less what I saw when I opened my eyes and I wanted to share a little glimpse of what feels magical to me with all of you. xxo