Imagine yourself laying on the operating table—both patient and surgeon in the same moment.

This sounds like a bad dream but really it is a good metaphor (I have found) for the experience of inner metamorphosis.

For transformation requires both a willingness to be vulnerable and a capacity to literally stand beside ourselves—to get out beyond the boundaries of habitual ego patterns and reactions and to utilize our courage, skill, and tender touch to heal ourselves.

And you, dear Birder, were created for transformation.

You have big, big gifts to share and gifts you are already sharing.

You might be sharing them through your art, through your teaching, through your loving, through your parenting, through your organizing, or through your healing.

But please know that our world needs these gifts and conscious people to live them. And to daily make the commitment to refill your cup so that it can overflow naturally into the people and the environment around you.

I discovered a quote this week which feels like the anthem for the year, or maybe for the rest of my life:

“The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds.”  — Dalai Lama

So don’t take it from me, take it from one of the most potent spiritual leaders of our time and please, make 2014 the year you Bring it! Bring your inner healer. Your inner restorer and lover. Please feed that aliveness within you so you can sing your unique voice and add your beauty to our shared airspace.

How? Peace-making, healing, restoring, story, metaphor, love– these are all qualities of the soul.

And in order to live out of our soul qualities we must first reorient toward them.

This can be hard to do in a culture which values external validation.

But it is the liberation which the spiritual masters remind us is possible. And I’m getting a strong sense with the beginning of 2014 that the dress rehearsal is over.

That it is time to really inhabit the life you feel knocking on the door of your heart.

Maybe you want to be more present to your children.

Maybe you want to stop feeling driven by anxiety and find a way to process stress out of your body so you can enjoy the sweetness in front of you.

Maybe you want to slow way way down, get off the carousel, and invest in activities which actually feel meaningful to you.

Maybe you want to feel more happy, more of the time.

Maybe you want to feel more stable and resourced within yourself.

Or maybe you want to know how to get back aligned when you feel knocked off kilter.

Maybe you long to be of more service and yet rooted and nourished at the same time.

I may not know the particulars of the life you feel called out of you but I do know that that kind of shift is possible and that you have the courage and capacity to do it.

And my big hope is that you claim 2014 as the year to invest in your soul currency.

Honor its invitation, whether your soul wants you to travel, to sign up for the course, to start the biz, to write the blog, to plant the garden, or to commit to a fresh daily meditation practice. The soul invites us daily, in big and small ways.

One way I invest in and honor my soul’s prompting is to grow an experiential plot for children to taste, touch and smell different plants at the community garden. (See me holding big ball of purple cotton above– harvested by my children this weekend. For plant nerds like me, purple cotton is actually brown, it is the leaves and sepals of the plant which are a rich, deep purple.)

What is your soul prompting you to do (or not do) to be (or not to be) in 2014?

And if you feel like you are on the cusp of big inner change but could use some support which is hard to find in your immediate environment– I understand. I have been there.

Here is the truth– we live in a culture which likes to stay on the surface. While more and more people are waking to the deeper resonance of soul-centered living it can still be a lonely place to find yourself. And often the people who might have supported you before no longer get it. And maybe even the ways you supported yourself before no longer feel right.

If this is resonating for you I hope you will intentionally plant some support in your calendar. This could be scheduling a regular conversation with a girlfriend who really holds sacred space for you without needing to give advice or fix it.

Or making a weekly practice of journaling, nature time, or deep relaxation to help yourself integrate the transition. Or it may be time to invest in some coaching in order to connect to new practices and resources which break down the big shifts into little steps you can take day by day so that you can free up the energy you need to go further on your spiritual path and in your life!

And also know there is another side. While we are surely never done evolving the big transformative shifts don’t last forever! We get to a new plateau and are able to enjoy seasons of rest and integration. And time to enjoy the freedom which is birthed out of the process, which is often directly related to whatever constriction we just grew out of. But thats a juicy topic for another day…

For today please know that just as sure as I feel the warmth of the sun coming through my window while I write these words that your own version of liberation is also there waiting for you, once the soul surgery is over and you come out more Alive than ever before.

All the Good,


PS If some part of you is saying a big ol “yes, Ma’am!” to this email— I have one spot left in my transformational coaching program this month and a few more spots opening in February. Lets talk and get you hooked up. Suffering alone is not necessary or noble. In fact, we are not meant to do this work alone. We all need people to bear witness to what we are uncovering about ourselves and to hold our hearts in the process.