It is time for you to plan your escape. You live under enormous amounts of psychological pressure. I know this because you are reading these words right now, likely on a screen through which you have to sort, analyze, and prioritize a gazillion little pieces of information. Each day.

And our beautiful brains and neurological systems were not hardwired for such intensity. Think about it– my parents played outside on the farm as children with simple toys (or nature bits) and now my children would be downloading My Little Pony into their very neurons morning, noon and night if only I would let them have total control of the Kindle.

There has been a big shift in our day to day environment these last few decades and our bodies can’t always process all the new streams of info. But we can take responsibility for caring for our nervous system—which allows us to reap the benefits of this lovely technology interconnectedness without being tanked by it. A daily meditation practice is vital, but sometimes you just know you need a deeper detox: a full-blown retreat.

This past weekend my friend and biz colleague Ashley and I took off for the wide open spaces of West Texas. I must be my father’s daughter because something about the big blue sky always makes my soul flag unfurl.

Here are some pics from our weekend writers retreat as well as ideas for how you can plan your own simple escape—even when time or money constraints or family responsibilities make it seem a distant dream.

Mason JarCactus

Oldy-time church

Tea & Writing Time

The Ancestors

How to Plan Your Own Escape

Leverage your connections– does a friend or family member have a cabana or empty house you could use? (Our destination was a funky 1920s house my mama renovated as a retirement project and family getaway.) Is there a monastic or meditation community nearby? Ask the Google. You may be surprised what little gems are near you. Often just setting our intention toward silence is enough to open a space for retreat. Even if it is a staycation within in the comforts of home.

Schedule your retreat like you would other vacation. Let people know you will be unavailable. Even if it is just for a half day– unplug totally from technology. Make sure that you have delicious food in the house. Enjoy what meditation teachers call noble silence.


So you can take off your crazy pants, cut through overwhelm, and see more clearly when you return what work is really yours to do (and what you can let go of.) Your conscious work today might be mindfully doing the dishes and preparing a hot meal. It might be writing your heart out. Or connecting to that one new prospect for your biz and sharing with them your love for what you do. Or rubbing essential oils on the back of a sick kid. The point is that retreats give clarity on what is really yours to do.  Plus they infuse your deep consciousness with an awareness that we are all in this big old life project together.

Wishing wide open spaces for you and your soul–


PS I have some new offerings coming down the pike soon– including my first eretreat. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more details. xxo