UpLevel Filming

Here is a little present for you. It contains giggles and gorgeous blond curls of a three year old along with a deep dive into some real content which is dear to my heart:

how to navigate transition consciously and in one piece.

In this video my colleague Ashley Donovan and I open up about our inspiration for creating UpLevel, a six week ecourse which we will officially launch next week. So stay tuned for all the details but consider this video a little appetizer, like a fresh Thai spring roll with gluten-free soy sauce for dipping.

As I hope you can tell in the video, Ashley and I both care about this topic, and especially about resourcing people with solid tools and conscious community to make the process of moving through a big internal shift, or “up level,” easier and faster. (How? by helping you connect with strategies which enable you to recenter quickly and emotional support and energy to draw from when yours is in short supply.)

Ashley and I are also commited to authenticity. So while we both claim our voices as coaches with powerful tools to share (which we know really work!), we also want you to know that we are genuine people who like to laugh and sometimes multi-task. We met to film this video on a day when my little one stays home from preschool to let our girls play together. And rather than edit them out we give it to you whole.

Because deep truths come to us amidst and through the work of everyday life.

And tranformation does not happen in a vacuum. Often our relationships with children or other signifigants raise the bar for us in terms of who we want to be and how we want to show up in our lives and in the world. And we have to somehow find a way to tend to ourselves even as we continue to show up for daily roles and work.

So know that you will get all the juicy details on UpLevel next week and registration opens on February 14th. Yes that is Valetine’s Day– a good day to show your tender growing edges some love.

In the meantime click on the picture below to watch the video or follow the link here.

Uplevel Conversation



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