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What you’ll get in this e-course:

Week 1: Your Own Life-Giving Meditation Practice                                                 (One hour audio lesson with Courtney & Ashley)

During week one you will:

  • Incorporate a daily meditation practice into your busy schedule
  • Identify common roadblocks to starting your practice and how to navigate them
  • Learn why thoughts in meditation aren’t bad or evidence that you are “doing it wrong” and a powerful mindset shift which frees you from distractions!
  • Create daily and weekly rhythms which provide respite and renewal
  • Detox your nervous system and rewire your brain to be more stress-hardy
  • Receive a MP3 of a guided meditation which enables you to identify your heart’s desire– both for your meditation practice and for other areas of your life

Week 2: How to Digest Your Emotions                                                                     

(One hour audio lesson with Ashley & Courtney)

During week two you will:

  • Gather a toolbox for expressing emotions in a healthy way
  • Master self-care as a way to handle, heal and honor your emotions
  • Identify what vulnerability can teach you and how to treat a “vulnerability hangover”
  • Set boundaries in an elegant way which makes you feel great and benefits others
  • Boost your resiliency in the face of powerful emotions
  • Receive a MP3 of a guided meditation to help you balance your nervous system and process challenging emotions through and out of your body.

Week 3: Integration & Live Q & A

(live conference call with Courtney & Ashley)

During week three you will:

  • Breathe
  • Implement what you’ve learned
  • Get your questions answered on a live coaching call with Ashley and Courtney

Week 4: Learn Your Personality Type with the Enneagram                                    

(One hour audio lesson with Courtney & Ashley)

During week four you will:

  • Determine your personality type & identify your pattern of leading with your head, heart or gut/body center
  • Cultivate, nurture and draw input from your neglected center of intelligence
  • Identify your personality’s habitual “marching orders” and the voice of your soul and how you can tell the difference
  • Learn a “counter-instinctual move” which cultivates the relationship with your true essence and enables you to find sure inner footing for building your life
  • Receive a MP3 of a guided meditation designed to quicken awareness of mind, heart and gut/intuitive resources and use them to process stress

Week 5: Nourish Yourself                                                                                           

(One hour audio lesson with Ashley & Courtney)

During week five you will:

  • Have a greater mind/body connection so cravings don’t get the best of you
  • Get fresh recipes (which the whole family can enjoy)
  • Detox through healthy eating strategies
  • Identify emotional eating habits (which we all do from time to time) and alternatives
  • Learn about our primary food, love, and how you can nourish yourself outside of the kitchen
  • Enjoy a guided compassion meditation and learn a self-compassion “quick-fix” you can use at any time

Week 6:  Implementation & Live Q & A                                                                      

(live conference call with Courtney & Ashley)

During week six you will:

  • Breathe
  • Implement (& celebrate) what you’ve learned
  • Get questions answered on a live coaching call with Ashley and Courtney

Ready to join the course? Early Bird Pricing of $98 available until March 21 2014.* 

*A percentage of the profits from this course will go to organizations which support maternal and child health in the developing world.



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Course starts March 28 2014. All audio lessons, guided meditations and calls will be recorded and available for download.

Entire course and bonuses are just $128

Early Bird Pricing of $98 available until March 21 2014. 

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Ashley & Courtney’s Coaching Advice Works

“I look forward to coaching sessions with Courtney because I know she will help me clear things out and I will feel heard. I use what she taught me about my Enneagram personality all the time now! Not in a harsh way but it makes me recognize that I can do things differently and not get caught in the pattern. It also makes me question more and ask what is my ego and what are my true deeper desires?” Catalina, Entrepreneur & Montessori School Director, Dallas, Texas

“At first I didn’t think I would make any changes but after working with Ashley, I started believing I could. I not only had the support of a coach, but of a friend. I learned more about myself and the underlying problems that slowed me down from attaining goals. We hit on subjects that I never thought triggered my eating habits. What Ashley’s doing is a much more approachable way of dealing with eating, weight and lifestyle issues.” Rebecca, Graphic Design Artist, Milwaukee, WI

“My life has always been good but with meditation it’s as if the colors of the world have become brilliant and everything is just better so I wanted to make a list of the improvements that I have seen in me since I have been meditating: I am more patient and compassionate with coworkers, myself and others. I am more present. I talk to people more…. I speak from within more often and my words are now authentic. When I stop and ask myself/ my inner guide, what am I really saying or what do I really want? The thoughts that come out seem truer than if I thought them or analyzed them in my head. I am Calmer. My emotions do not debilitate me anymore. I still feel my emotions in my body but I don’t hang on to them…This has been such a fantastic journey in self-discovery.” Tiffany, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and Medical Professional, Erie, Pennsylvania

“It’s very difficult to talk about emotional eating but Ashley helped me to do it by being compassionate and creating a safe and lovely atmosphere for our conversations.  Since I started my sessions with Ashley I’ve been paying more attention to my body, listening to it more and put it first in the list of things I take care of.  I would describe Ashley as a loving person who is genuinely interested in supporting her clients and who really wants her clients to succeed.” Cecilia, Life and Business Coach, Amsterdam, NLD

What is it worth for you to find clarity for next steps?

To free up energy so you can consistently move toward the life that is calling to you?

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About Courtney

Courtney is a certified holistic life coach and meditation teacher and owner of Bird in Hand. As a “soulpreneur” Courtney writes, teaches and supports others in getting clear about the work and life which is called out of them. In addition to publishing a weekly enewsletter on conscious living, Courtney helps women (and a few good men!) navigate transition, dial down the inner critic and connect to their authentic life through her ten week transformational coaching program. She lives with her husband and one-time Peace Corps companion, Richard Amory, and their three young children in Oak Cliff, TX.  Read more

About Ashley

Ashley Donovan is known as the ‘self love nutritionist.’ Her background in psychology and doula care coupled with training in nutrition coaching helps her work with women during transition points in their lives. Ashley is a passionate mama who believes that transition is a special window of time which can inspire us to finally care for ourselves in the way that we have always wanted to (and know we really should). Ashley loves helping women take their health and wellness into their own hands by connecting to their true heart’s desires, and empowering women to make authentic life choices that feel ‘just right’ for body & soul. Read more