The Sharing Bag
There is something tidal about the way stuff flows into my home: an ebb and flow to new things coming in (Amazon Prime!) and a shedding of that which no longer fits this phase of life. Yet if I’m not careful about tending to the outflow things get cluttered.
Creating an intentional space for passing on what we have outgrown is a powerful spiritual practice. It builds our non-attachment muscles and invites us to to trust that we can let go of the old to create space. Space not only to be filled with the new… but space to enjoy the zen of the clean countertop or closet or pantry.

This time of year I often feel a current of energy which propels me to do a deep clean: reorganizing the storage shed (again) and passing on clothes we have outgrown.

And each time I think—whew, now that’s done! Forgetting that there is a second vital part of spring cleaning:  the maintenance plan aka Your Outlet Box (or bag or basket).

How to do it: 1) find a container and a space. I use a big market bag from my Peace Corps days in Nicaragua (I wish I had brought back ten of these). This multi-colored tote lives in my closet at the ready.

2) when you realize you are done with something—grab it and put in the box. Right then. (this is better done in secret from children or they can become suddenly very attached to the item they previously ignored for weeks.)

3) When bag becomes full donate to friends or non-profit. Mine is currently stuffed to the gills with baby toys and wraps from Rosetta’s room (three is so not a baby) which today we passed on to a friend.

So much of our power in this day of nervous system overload comes from editing:

it is vital to edit out material items & habits which no longer serve. 

Which raises the question…how to maintain an elegant inner house?

My friend Sarah Moore, a fellow Harvard Div School alum, has introduced me to a wonderful tool for mapping your inner topography.

Especially helpful in times of transition, this tool walks you step by step through a process of capturing your emotions, body sensations, thoughts and other static so you can clear the way for deep listening.

She has guided me in using it myself (it works!) as well as trained me in sharing it with others which I will be doing at my upcoming Spring Cleaning live event (which includes my favorite recipes for cleaning with essential oils) and UPLEVEL ecourse.

Read on for details… and register today.

Here is to your spring cleaning, inside and out! xoxo


Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Friday, March 21, 6:30 – 8:00pm. Price $35 

Oil & Cotton Creative Exchange  837 W. 7th Street Dallas, Texas 75208

Join Courtney & Bre to learn how you can make a positive impact on your health, mind and household. In this class you will learn how to make and take your own non-toxic, uplifting cleaning products using essential oils, including:

an all-purpose spray,
hand sanitizer
and a room freshener
plus a card with DIY cleaning recipes.

In addition Courtney will teach you a step by step process for navigating decisions with ease by mapping a topography of your inner landscape including emotions, thoughts and body sensations. Life is full of decisions — both small day-to-day choices as well as the big ones which keep you up at night. Come learn how to use this simple tool to clean out emotional static and resource yourself when you feel stuck.

The class includes all the materials and a printed guide. Join us for a lively class and leave with new strategies for living a greener, cleaner life!  These classes tend to fill early, register today!

UpLevel face shot

UPLEVEL: a six week e-course

Click on picture above for more info & a video about UPLEVEL. This in-depth course with Courtney and Ashley will help you  cut through emotional static, find clarity and conscious community.  Starts Friday March 28, 2014.  Register Today for Early Bird Pricing of $98

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