Peach Bloom

These gorgeous peach tree branches with forced blooms stand tall over the creative chaos left by my children on our dining room table: glitter, stamps, legos. Its all there. This scene stands as a reminder of the eco-system of life: The beauty amidst the chaos.  And we have a choice, moment to moment, to tune into the bloom or the mess.

Now the mess needs to get cleaned up. And if I had a montessori-trained live-in nanny, maybe we could create an environment where all five of us put away our work lovingly and order and zen countertops prevailed. But most of the time my home, like yours, is probably a work in progress.

And while deep cleaning is vital there is other equally important work: that of training our attention. For I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that life is full of rough edges. And our tender hearts bump into them, bruise and sometimes bleed. And worse yet we begin to anticipate the next hard moment: to draw from our reservoir of painful experiences in the past to anticipate the conversation that won’t go well,  the tasks we won’t complete, the loved ones who will disappoint.

Yet, dear one, you have a choice. It is not an easy one because our brains are hardwired to tune into the negative and let the beauty rush through us like water through a sieve. Yet capturing more of the good is actually the pathway toward a more fulfilling life.

So how to do it?

Step One: Claim Your Practice

Whether its a walking meditation each morning with your dog, a gratitude reflection at night, or a formal sitting practice the truth is your nervous system needs some help detoxing the information overload. And you can take responsibility for that. Right now ask yourself, what is one meditation practice I’d like to try this week? And go on ahead and put that in your google calendar.

Step Two: Surround Yourself with fellow Bloom-Seekers

This is not solitary work. We need conscious community with like-minded souls engaged in their own process of cultivating presence and spacious living.

This weekend I was invited to teach meditation to a gathering of women hosted by my friend and midwifery apprentice Nova Cox. The gathering was held in a floral warehouse in the design district:

The Collection

Flower Shelves

Salt Bowl

Nova led the group in a salt bowl exercise: passing it around the circle each woman added a favorite essential oil, flower petals, spice etc to the salt bowl stirring it in along with her intentions for the coming season.  At the end we blessed it and each got to take home a cupful to use in the bath. It smells delicious!

Salt Bowl Hands

Truly community is one of the best tools I know for integrating positive changes in your life. Yet the irony I have observed again and again with coaching clients, friends, and in my own life is that when we are evolving we often end up isolated, at least for a season, as we grow out of old relationships or ways of relating to the people in our life.

This can leave you wondering where you can connect to others and where you can join the conversation you want to be having.

If this resonates I hope you will consider joining my upcoming ecourse UPLEVEL. I know from personal experience that investing in your own growing edges can make a huge difference in moving more quickly through transition points and out the other side into a life which fits and feels better.

I invested in coaching and online trainings during my own major career transition three years ago and continue to resource myself as a conscious biz owner (I’m in a business coach ecourse right now and am about to start another!)

Fresh lessons and inspiration are worth so much. And connecting to others on the same path and tackling similar hurdles is a goldmine— and a resource which keeps on giving.

If you would like to connect to conscious folks  from across the country who are interested in exploring meditation practices, learning more about their personality patterns and finding new ways of digesting emotions, and doing it together in real time— I hope you will register today. I’m getting so excited and would love to see you in the course.

Here is to a Spring full of blooms and the eyes to enjoy them all!



PS I’m also teaching several live classes this spring for those in the Dallas area at Oil & Cotton Creative Exchange. Love to see your shining face!

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