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Transformation is not mere navel gazing or woo woo theatrics. Rather it is about finding that sweet spot from which to serve.

It is thrilling to watch coaching clients engage in this process. As they let go of what they think they “should” be doing and tune in (through meditation, enneagram and desire-mapping) to their authentic self they both feel better internally and are more of service to the people around them.

Aligning with our soul truth always spills over to the world around us. The sweet spot (where you don’t have to forget or deny any parts of yourself and can be present wholly) is actually the place from which you will add the most value to our collective life.

Have you noticed this in your own life? That on the days when you feel at peace you show up with more kindness for your kids, or discover space to listen deeply to a neighbor in grief, or honor the impetus to support (financially or with your volunteer time) the homeless women in your town or struggling families on other side of the world?

Soulful living is not about forcing a solution or (this is a biggie) consuming yourself in the service of a set of external ideals, no matter how noble. Instead, soulful living is gentle and invites you to:

Prioritize your own heart.

Notice what activities and work environments enable you to breathe with ease and be yourself.

Attend to the changes and choices which make space for you to be your authentic self more of the time.

& Trust that through being yourself you will be of greatest service.

For me the sweet spot lies in the intersection of teaching about the inner life and supporting those who work to make our world better, locally & globally. UPLEVEL, my e-course with Ashley Donovan which launches next week, is one concrete example.

Ashley and I will be donating 5% of the income generated through this program to Finca, an innovative non-profit which support the world’s lowest income entrepreneurs (many of whom are women) through access to financial services and micro loans.

I can speak from personal experience to the benefits of micro lending. In the Peace Corps I helped start community banks. I also drank many a cup of coffee, held a lot of babies, and walked up and down the volcano in northern Nicaragua where I made my home. (The picture above is one of my favorites. This family lived at the tippy top of the volcano and always were so generous. Here they are wanting to give me a giant squash from their garden! Louisa, the mother of the family, was also the president of our community bank in addition to raising 7 girls.)

At bank meetings I saw families which had never before had access to credit able to take a loan to buy seed for their field or much needed medication. (In fact baby Cristela who I am holding above got so sick they almost lost her in the months after this photo. Yet they were able to take her to town for medical care, in part due to funds from the bank).

There are dozens of people who have already signed up for UPLEVEL from around the country to be a part of this journey of soulful living. I hope you will consider joining this amazing community and getting some support in stepping over the final hurdles to the life which is being called out of you. We have a free teleconference tomorrow if you would like to hop on to ask any questions or email them ahead of time to

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PS Early bird price of $98 expires tomorrow at midnight. Register Today 


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I’m also teaching several live classes for those in the Dallas area at Oil & Cotton Creative Exchange, including Spring Cleaning Tomorrow night at 6:30PM and How to Be Your Child’s Soul Teacher Thursday nights in April + May 1. Love to see your shining face!

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