Bird in Hand Seal

This week I have been thinking about the flow of creative energy in our lives.  And specifically the relationship between anxiety and excitement. There are different flavors of anxiety but I’m coming to recognize that often anxiety is excitement, minus breath.

Case in point. Today my online e-course UPLEVEL starts. Earlier in the week we ran into a technology snafu and I couldn’t figure out how to get the course audios uploaded on my website.

Now, nothing can undo my dreams of living a centered, joyful life like a technology headache. It brings out all my bad habits and I could feel the anxious buzz in my system as I worked with my course partner Ashley and my website tech support to create a solution.

But one of the things that was most interesting for me was observing what happened after I saw the files uploaded and pressed play and realized all would be well.

There was a flood of pleasurable emotions running through me: I felt relieved, excited, joyful even to imagine the course participants listening to the lessons each in of their unique lives and spaces. If felt like a big whoosh— the river of energy which had smacked into a boulder was now carving its new path forward.

Life is full of creative processes. In fact life itself is a generative process. Editing out unnecessary household items to make a restful home space is a creative process. Taking photos on your iPhone, cooking, gardening, writing, sparking a meet up group or book club, and certainly starting or building a soul-centered business— each of these draw from our creative well.

And the building up of pressure is a natural part of creative work. In fact creativity works best in tension with a schedule or plan.

What are your creative growing edges?

And a second vital question: what resources can you engage ahead of time to help you manage the pressure of the inevitable boulders in your stream’s path?

It may take a little time for the water to find another good path over or around the obstacle. In the mean time it helps to breathe and draw on a few supportive strategies you already have in place.

The most powerful tool I have found is to simply invest in good teaching, resources and community in the very dimensions of life where I know my creative process is likely to get hung up. Which is why over the last couple of years I have joined group coaching programs for women entrepreneurs.  These have helped me, for example, know when and how to incorporate as an LLC. The Bird in Hand Corporate Seal in the photo above may be the most fun business accessory I have yet to get my hands on. I want to stamp it on everything!

Building a web-based coaching and teaching business is now something that I have fun with. (On a good day.) But I have definitely benefited from strong encouragement and practical tips to get started.

This week I met with a group of women biz owners at a co-working space in Deep Ellum.  At Common Desk they ask different questions on their community chalk board. This one made me feel right at home. 

What kind of bird are you?

Common Desk

Common Desk Lounge

More even than the venue, which I totally dig, it was the company of other women engaged in similar work that made me feel so at home. These other entrepreneurs represent a range of fields: spiritual teachers, life coaches, nutritionists, financial planners etc but we are gathering weekly to support each other and to integrate lessons from the online entrepreneur school where we met.

It is relationships like these and the model of other women figuring out creative ways to serve and earn money which inspires me in the pit of technology frustrations.

What boulders are coming up for you?

Are there any ways you can resource yourself to ride out the reorientation of your stream around the obstacle?



PS UPLEVEL is now available as a self-study ecourse! Check out the video and all the details and register today for immediate access to all 6 weeks of content. Then have fun and go at your own pace… exploring the topics which interest you the most! xo Courtney

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