Sweet Flower Faces

What do you do when the wheels come off? Ok maybe not totally off but when you notice the stress level of your life going up several registers?

Well here is what not to do. Don’t blame yourself.

It has been a busy week in Bird in Hand Land. I wrapped up my Be Your Child’s Soul teacher series last night and celebrated the completion of the UPLEVEL ecourse with a group coaching call & guided meditation today at noon. Add to the mix parenting, a miscommunication with my copyeditor about my ebook and staying up a teeny bit too late and I could feel my inner pressure cooker rising.

Now I don’t know about you but I sometimes layer on an extra dimension of suffering to such moments by thinking if I had somehow orchestrated my whole life more mindfully, I could have avoided them.

I’m not so sure anymore that that is true.

Instead I’m recognizing a pattern with coaching clients and friends thinking that if we somehow were just more spiritually evolved and grounded we would always remain in the flow of life and not get too ruffled.

Perhaps we could call it the “I should already be on the mountaintop” syndrome.  

And the truth is that there just are times which require us to push forward to grow into the next phase of ourselves.  And these stretching times often come with their own internal heat. It is part of the fuel we use to transition.

And then (thankfully) there are times to rest and receive

It is a cadence. A rhythm. A dance.

And when it comes to stress in life, whether in the work or personal arena the questions is not so much why? (as in why me? why am I feeling stressed? did I take a wrong turn etc) as when?

For stress is inherent to the human journey and a visitor which knocks on each of our doors. Even if you make really good choices: invest in healthy friendships and work opportunities which fit your gifts and temperament, meditate, and read consciousness raising books there will still be days where it just doesn’t all come together well. Or with enough time to complete it all with ease.

Like my friend with two little ones who has been staying up late to get her paintings finished for an upcoming show and was planning an all nighter when we last spoke: just her, the oil paints, and one more gigantic canvas to finish. 

So if you find yourself today or in the near future with a lot of internal pressure and simultaneously feeling like you should be more spiritually evolved so it doesn’t bother you–

find something which helps you come home to yourself.

Perhaps through your nose.

This would be why I’m a holistic life coach, because I know from my own experience and with clients that we reach the end of the line of being able to meditate or think ourselves into new patterns of being.

At some point we have to incorporate other modalities: acupuncture, nature, aromatherapy, tapping, chiropractic care etc to double time our stress reduction processes.

This year I have added a new pleasure to my holistic self-care tool kit: aromatherapy using therapeutic grade essential oils.  Specifically I’ve been learning about using oils to help process and release emotions and manage mood and started sharing my experiences with friends and clients as well as through my classes.

Here is a picture of a mood management kit I put together yesterday for one of the mamas in my Soul Teacher class.Keychain Mood Management Kit

Apothecary on a Tray

Sometimes it is just nice to have something simple and sensory to be able to do for yourself which the pressure is rising, like rub a grounding blend on your feet or behind your ears (bonus — behind your ears is also an acupressure point to stimulate your parasympathetic or rest and digest nervous system!)

Smells by definition happen in the present moment, so whether sniffing oils, wildflowers on your walk or a good meal they ring the bell of mindfulness and bring you back to your senses.

If you need your own emergency kit of oils to calm, soften and soothe emotions STAT I’d love to hook you up. I sell them for $35 ($40 if I need to ship it) and you can just email or call me and we can talk through the options to find some good ones for the emotions which most frequently derail you.

And if not oils then I hope you find another easy path to comfort yourself. So often we are so harsh on ourselves and our tender growing edges. When really it is through the door of kindness and compassion that we walk to make the biggest shifts.



PS If you would like to learn more about therapeutic grade essential oils and how they might be a resource for you– you can set up a complementary aromatherapy session to talk more. xo

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