UPLEVEL_Sending Donation with Love

This week we wrapped up UPLEVEL, my six-week ecourse, with a donation to support women entrepreneurs in the developing world through finca.org.  Ashley and I were so excited to drop that check in the mail, our first donation to make as a percentage of earnings from an online program. Can you feel the love?

I’m still feeling the love today, several days later. And the gratitude for the UPLEVEL participants, coaching clients, and for each of you reading right now.

Increasingly I’m feeling an urgency, perhaps you feel it too in your own life, to move on into the next chapter or phase. I’m not sure what exactly it is going to look like, but I know for me the more I focus on telling the truth to myself and others, the easier the way becomes.

So today I share my best questions for mining some serious inner truth:

Are you fulfilled in your life right now?

Are you shedding your skin of what doesn’t fit any more (or feeling encased in one which is too tight)?

Perhaps you feel yourself opening to a new purpose – or rediscovering the purpose you forgot you had?

Are you hungry for work which aligns with your personal mission?

Two and a half years ago I couldn’t have imagined the life I live now. I thought I could only do good in the nonprofit world. I thought being a pastor was the best container for me to be able to do spiritual work with people.

Neither of those things it turns out is true.

In fact the more I have let go of how I thought my life should look and co-created with Source, the more  good opens up.  Not always in the time frame I want (which would be now, please!) But it does come.

Bird in Hand and this whole way of earning my livelihood via online teaching and phone coaching was was not something I could drive myself toward because two plus years ago I knew nothing about it and no one who was doing it! Instead I had to release what wasn’t working to make space to be shown my next steps into this arena of holistic life coaching & soulful entrepreneurialism.  And then I had to take them, one step, by one step, by one step.

So if you are feeling that internal shift– like you look at your daily life or schedule and your soul just wants to cry because it isn’t you anymore–

Ask yourself, are you plugged into the right thing?

When we are born we are all plugged into Source. (Ever hung out with a newborn? you can feel it!) Yet as we grow we are taught to dismiss our intuition and heart, as well as to ignore or control feelings and to make decisions only with our rational mind. This way of living leaves a whole lot of our natural intelligence (from our body and heart) underutilized. It also leaves us unstable and fighting an inner battle as we try to ignore our body or heart truth.

And then over time  as we slowly unplug from Source we end up plugging into something else. Lets call this the faux source.  There are countless varieties but one of the most common would be success. But sadly it never delivers yet the suffering we experience when plugged into faux source is very, very real.

Think of all the times you compare yourself to someone else: on Facebook, a colleague, a neighbor, in a conversation. This is a huge drain of your energy and life purpose.

There is only one of you. Of this much I am sure.

And you have big, big gifts to share. How could it be otherwise?

So to say yes to this shift and participate consciously I’d recommend answering two questions:

What are you grateful for?

What are you ready to surrender?

Can you surrender fear and worry to take just the one next step?

Usually the one next step is quite intuitive. It could be simply following up on a nudge to make a call, to visit with someone to learn more, to research alternatives. Or more straightforward still it might be that all you need to do is heed your impulse for regular quiet time in nature or to meditate each morning before the day gets going. (Here’s my Loving_Kindness Meditation if you would like to try it!)

 Sometimes we worry about what happens if we step in the wrong direction. What if we misread our intuition or heart nudges and take a wrong turn? To me this is the really hopeful thing: we get endless chances to recalibrate our way through life to end up in our place of authentic service. Our soul keeps calling us home and with each step in that direction we feel more at ease. If we get distracted or walk the wrong way, there is a powerful internal feedback system which lets us know so we can course correct. The secret is to simply listen to it!

We aren’t meant to do this soul-shifting work alone. Truly it is so much harder and more painful that way. Invest in the people in your life who make you feel alive and awake in their company.  Sometimes I think we feel intimidated or envious of others who appear further on the path than we are at any one time. The truth is that no one has this all figured out. And over the course of a lifetime we will all have turns being the guide or the light for someone else (a role many of us prefer) but we will also have times when we need to take in and receive support and guidance from others.

If you feel you could use some support in your own shift forward– which is a step forward though at the time it can feel like a spiral downward– let’s talk. I have one spot left for my ten week transformational coaching package this month to take advantage of my Spring Coaching Special.  This ten week program is a soulful container for diving deep (using powerful tools like meditation, enneagram, desire-mapping and more) and coming back up to the surface to identify practical next steps each week for you to live into the changes. It is this combination of deep inner inquiry in a soul-safe zone, concrete fieldwork exercises, and accountability which is a potent recipe for making the way forward easier, lighter and faster. You can read more about previous clients experiences here. So if you are ready to feel better, to move consciously through to your next phase , please reach out to me at cp@courtneypinkerton.com to set up a complementary conversation.

Wishing you a day full of peace and your own brand of truth,


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