Guided Meditation Video for Summer of Meditation Challenge

Available now as a Self-Study eCourse!

Would you like weekly guided meditations which correspond to the meditation challenge plus support to help you create your own life-giving meditation practice this summer? Click on the video above to learn more! This meditation support circle is for you

  • if you are just curious about meditation
  • if you would like some practical tips for getting started
  • if you would like to invest in your practice to reap more benefits.

It is also for you

  • if you are frustrated with your work life or find yourself falling into less mindful habits as pressure mounts
  • If would enjoy techniques for cultivating presence– especially in challenging work situations

How does it work?

After you enroll (via the secure electronic payment option below) you will receive instructions to the private summer of meditation support circle page with the audio recordings from the 8 meditation support calls which include: a guided meditation which corresponds to each theme, meditation tips and techniques, and an opportunity to set your weekly goal or intention related to your practice.

You can download and enjoy the audios at your convenience on your computer or phone!

Here are the themes we cover in the Summer of Meditation (drawn from Sharon Salzberg’s new book: Real Happiness at Work: Meditations for Accomplishment, Achievement, and Peace (2014).

Week One: Balance. The guided meditation this week to launch our summer support circle will be a loving kindness meditation.  People often start with breath meditation and find themselves demoralized by thoughts. This is a gentle way to begin.

Week Two: Concentration. The guided meditation this week will be breath meditation coupled with (and this is key) guidance on letting go of thoughts.

Week Three: Compassion. So often we think we change by being harsh with ourselves. The guided meditation this week will help you cultivate your compassion for self and others (which actually allows new growth to unfold!)

Week Four: Resilience. The guided meditation this week cultivates balance in your energy. Often we get revved up and over-respond to stressors or conversely can feel sluggish. This practice will help you find your sweet spot in the middle– which is the place of greatest resilience!

Week Five: Communication and Connection.  The guided meditation this week with focus on emotions (and letting go of them) and will involve both a simple mantra meditation (a great practice for children or all ages) as well as introduce how to identify and meditate on your core-desired emotions.

Week Six: Integrity. The guided meditation for this week is on forgiveness or letting go. You will also learn a powerful technique called tapping, or acupressure, which allows you to release hard emotions and move through pain.

Week Seven: Meaning. The guided meditation for this week will help you to separate your identity from your work and to remember your inherent value and connection to Source.

Week Eight: Open Awareness. The guided meditation this week will help you tap in to inner resources to cultivate a grounded presence and an open heart. We will also conclude with a lovingkindness practice to close our time together.

Why 8 Weeks?

There have been numerous scientific studies which document the benefits of meditation. 8 weeks of a regular practice create visible differences in your brain structure, as measured by an MRI. This is very hopeful! We are more adaptive than we give ourselves credit for being… and can actually cultivate positive habits of mind which enable us both to enjoy our life more fully and to live into our right place of service for others. 

The Summer of Meditation Ecourse including 8 meditation support audios plus guided meditations is $97 (or roughly $12/week).   This also includes the bonuses listed below. Invest in your wellbeing and purchase the self-study version today!


  • PDF Action Guide “How to Step Over Final Obstacles (thoughts, busy schedule) to Create Your Life-Giving Meditation Practice.”
  • Reiki Master Teacher Paula Orozco shares strategies for managing your energy flow– in the work day and the rest of your life!

What is it worth for you to be happier ?

To have resources to process hard emotions?

To feel more resilient and stress-hardy?

Meditation can do this and much more…

Why not make this your time?

* A percentage of the profits from this program will go to support entrepreneurs in the developing world. As we examine and create our own life-giving relationship to work it is good to share the love!