Wild Flowers

I’m sharing a few extra tips (with my encouragement) this week as we gear up for the Summer of Meditation Challenge:

Tip #1: Begin Again.

Each day, each moment offers us an opportunity to begin again. As we look deeply into the fears we might have about trying something new, or committing to a practice, we see that the fears are not solid and hard like they first appear. They are subtly changing and shifting—maybe we identify in the fear a strand of sadness from times new growth didn’t work out the way we hoped. Or maybe there is a bit of perfectionism embedded in there “if I don’t try then I can’t fail.” Or perhaps we find the inner voices raging strong, asking: “When will you find time to do this?” “What about the thoughts which always come?” or “How will you know it is working or that you are doing it right?”

If you find any resistance welling up to committing to the summer of meditation challenge– acknowledge it. Offer it some tea. But remember you are the host. And you don’t have to surrender your whole house to invasive visitors.

Meditation helps take the heat out of those voices. It converts the inner arrows we shoot at ourselves (and often at each other) to flower petals—beauty we can gather up and make meaning out of.

Now this doesn’t mean that the mindfulness which we are cultivating in meditation is inert or passive. You can be mindful to really hard things: to jobs which feel suffocating, to partners which disappoint, to a world which on a bad day can seem entirely full of people hurting other people and our lovely blue/green planet.

Yet when we put on our meditation goggles we remember we are not in charge of it all. We see the work which is ours to do. We follow the ease. We begin again. And we find our way, one conscious step at a time, into the work and life which is called out of us.

Look for more tips in the coming days. And like this post — and invite a friend to join you in the challenge.


PS This summer to complement the free 8 week etraining program I’ve developed a meditation support circle to offer audios of guided meditations, support calls and a sense of connection for those embarking on the challenge. You can watch the video below and read all the details here. xo

Guided Meditation Video for Summer of Meditation Challenge