Heart's Desire

So often we approach change and growth as a “should” as in “I should really meditate.” Yet it is actually the process of tuning into the desire behind the should which is the engine for the whole process. It is the desire which you can draw strength from when you hit resistance to a new habit.

Meditation Tip #2: Tune Into Your Heart’s Desire for Your Practice

Ask yourself: What is the desire behind your meditation practice?

Do you want to boost your immune system?

To be more present with your children?

To let go of old emotions?

To digest stress?

To detox your nervous system?

To discern your way through a challenge or an opportunity?

Specificity is powerful. The desire can and does evolve over time, but being clear on what is motivating you right now –this season– is what fuels you through final bumps until the new practice becomes a habit.

I’m sending a few extra tips (with my encouragement) this week as we gear up for the Summer of Meditation Challenge. Look for one more tomorrow.  Like this post and invite a friend to meditate with you.


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Guided Meditation Video for Summer of Meditation Challenge