Cairn in the Yard


I’ve always loved the part of the wedding ceremony that describes the ring as an outward and visible sign of an inward commitment or an inward grace.

Meditation Tip #3: Choose a Symbol 

Whether it is a long term commitment to our partner or a daily commitment we make to ourself– it helps to have a visible reminder. Something which functions like a bell in a meditation hall to bring you back home to yourself and the moment.

This might be a special plant you tend to over the summer.

Or a simple stone cairn like the one pictured above. Historically pilgrims on a path have used these rock markers to show the way. Perhaps you want to gather a few stones from a nearby creek or just be on the look out for three or four to make a nice tower.

Or you might write out a beloved quote and keep it on your desk, in a book you are reading, in your wallet. Here is one of my favorites from the poet Rumi:

“Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.”

Let’s all sell our cleverness, our already knowing, our busy busy minds and create some space to breathe and wonder this summer.

Are you ready? I hope so! I am getting very excited for the Summer of Meditation Challenge which starts tomorrow,Friday June 6. Like this post and invite a friend you think would enjoy meditating with you!


PS This summer to complement the free 8 week etraining program I’ve developed a meditation support circle to offer audios of guided meditations, support calls and a sense of connection for those embarking on the challenge. Watch the video below and read all the details and register here.

Guided Meditation Video for Summer of Meditation Challenge