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We have covered a lot of ground over the first four weeks of the Summer of Meditation Challenge and this week the invitation is simple: to rest & integrate.

Holiday weekends and summer schedules can be wacky.

These are often the times we need to recenter the most! Get creative with your practice when out of your routine. When traveling I’m a fan of sneaking outside in the early morning and tucking a guided meditation in my ear.  Others sit right down in the shower and meditate for a few minutes to clear their head. There is no wrong way to do it, but finding time to meditate on the road or over busy holidays can keep you at home within yourself regardless of the surrounding environment.

Also if you would like to use this week to catch up on some earlier lessons, here are the links:

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Lastly here is the audio of the free lovingkindness guided meditation and if you would like a whole stash of them (8 to be exact) plus half-hour audio lessons on each of these topics I hope you will join the summer of meditation support circle. You will get access to the private course page and can download all the lessons and meditations to keep and listen to at your convenience, this summer or beyond!


PS How do you take care of yourself while you travel? Love to hear in the comments below… xox

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* Themes for the Summer of Meditation Challenge are drawn from Sharon Salzberg’s new book: Real Happiness at Work: Meditations for Accomplishment, Achievement, and Peace (2014).