Finding Meaning at Work

Its hot… are you feeling the slowdown that comes with the fullness of summer?

So today I’ve done all the work for you & drilled down to one essential practice for finding meaning at work. Click on the picture above for a how-to video. And remember that there is a gap between who you are (which includes your deeper purpose) and any particular job or role you hold. 

So what do we put in that gap? Your Personal Mission Statement!

Crafting a personal mission statement is a vital practice because we live in a culture so defined by externals (including our job title). There is real power in giving yourself your own job description, which you can live into every day in countless ways regardless of your employment status.

Simply take a few breaths after the video, close your eyes, and listen.

The Challenge

Press on, dear one, with your daily practice. Again 15 minutes of breath meditation in the AM, and 15 minutes of a walking meditation or gratitude practice in the evening is the basic formula. But don’t forget to experiment with your own life!  And integrate this question: What is my purpose? into your regular practice and continue to listen. What one or two words most resonate with your heart? Remember you can live this work, your cosmic task, in every interaction and role.



PS Why am I sitting on the floor in my office in the video, you might ask? Because that is one place I meditate, of course! Where do you like to meditate? I’d love to see a picture! Share it along with a commitment for the week in the comments below.

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* Themes for the Summer of Meditation Challenge are drawn from Sharon Salzberg’s new book: Real Happiness at Work: Meditations for Accomplishment, Achievement, and Peace (2014).