Rosetta Day Summer Fun

Dearest Birders,

I’m pretending I’m European (and enjoy a luxurious vacation schedule) and am stepping away from the computer this month to soak up some restorative time with my family. I’m looking forward to sandcastles, state parks, and those conversations with kids which only happen when they know they really have your attention. 

So if you don’t hear much from me… know it is all for a good reason. There is a lot happening in BirdinHand land—including developing a new online course to support parents, more e-trainings (on how to find and engage our right work) and some new forms of coaching I’ll be offering starting in the Fall.

Deep rest is such a critical part of the creative process. And travel has always been one of my very favorite things. It is like a loving-kindness meditation reminding me that all the random people I encounter on the road or the beach simply want the same things I want: to be happy, peaceful, healthy etc. Reconnecting to that truth makes it easier to be in my own skin, and pops the bubble of isolation which can too easily inflate around my individual struggles and hopes. 

It has taken me a looooong time to learn that investing in time “off” enjoying deep rest and play yields such goodness for my soul, family, and creative work. Exhibit A would be Rosetta’s delight captured in the photo above while on a recent day trip to Denton, a nearby town in North Texas.  Here are a few other pics from our visit to the oldy-time courthouse square– the star window from inside a great hamburger restaurant.

Denton Courthouse

Texas Star

As Summer blooms to it’s fullest I hope you enjoy some sky-gazing, heavy-lidded time in the hammock or other doses, small or large, of deep rest and deep fun!


PS This month I’m be taking a break from blogging to allow my creative juices to replenish but you can expect a series of {almost} wordless posts: each with a picture of one of my favorite things. That’s it: nothing fancy. Just moments and corners of my life which make me happy. I’m actually having a lot of fun snapping those pics. You too might enjoy documenting the five or six things in your home + life which are making you the most happy this Summer. Try it! It’s a sure way to make the heart feel all buoyant inside. xxo