Painting Project

When we moved into our house I was very pregnant and struggled choosing paint color. This pale green has worn out its welcome, and we are playing with saturated color options. (I think I’m leaning toward one of the yellows called “bee” instead of the turquoise, which is beautiful but feels more Nicaraguan-home-exterior to me, than bedroom-interior!)

What little nooks in your home or life could use your attention? 

Could you attend to them in a way which allows you to enjoy the process?

Try this: Sit in the space with your eyes closed and breathe. See if you can get a sense of the changes which are wanted in that space. Instead of focusing on what is wrong with it get curious about what changes would bring it into its next iteration.  Let what the space wants to be fill your imagination.  When you are ready, open your eyes and go about your day– maintaining a willingness to be shown your next step toward that vision.

Hint: Sometimes this means bringing in support or encouragement (in my case help came in the form of an artist friend who was happy to offer some color pointers!)

Warmly, Courtney

This month I’m be taking a break from blogging to allow my creative juices to replenish but you can expect a series of {almost} wordless posts: each with a picture of one of my favorite things. That’s it: nothing fancy. Just moments and corners of my life which make me happy. I’m actually having a lot of fun snapping those pics. You too might enjoy documenting the five or six things in your home + life which are making you the most happy this Summer. Try it! It’s a sure way to make the heart feel all buoyant inside. xxo