One of my favorite pics from the summer.

Is there anything better than learning how to fly your first kite?

What makes you this happy?  This is not an easy question. You may have to think back a while to remember when you totally lost yourself in an activity which was exactly what you wanted to be doing.

Often times what comes to mind is an image of a hammock and a fruity rum-soaked beverage. But I think that image is a bit flat, honestly, and may relate more to feeling chronically under rested in a culture which values doing over play.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all recipe for relaxation, likely what makes you deeply happy is quite unique to you. Maybe you lose yourself in the pleasure of cooking a slow meal of local ingredients, or walking barefoot in the grass at night, or reading poetry, or making a delicious cake (you can tell I’m really into food right now. This is always what happens when I take time off for vacation and rest– I remember how much I like cooking and eating, when I’m not racing to my next activity:)

Or maybe deep play is a hike in nature or arranging a tiny bouquet from your garden or writing a letter to a dear friend (seriously, real mail is one of life’s best delights.)

Could you preserve a little pocket of time for play as summer draws to a close?



This month I’m taking a break from blogging to allow my creative juices to replenish and to spend time with my family. There is a lot happening in BirdinHand land—including developing a new online course to support parents, more e-trainings (on how to find and engage our right work) and some new forms of coaching I’ll be offering starting in the Fall.

But for now you can expect a series of {almost} wordless posts: each with a picture of one of my favorite things. That’s it: nothing fancy. Just moments and corners of my life which make me happy. I’m actually having a lot of fun snapping those pics. You too might enjoy documenting the five or six things in your home + life which are making you the most happy this Summer. Try it! It’s a sure way to make the heart feel all buoyant inside. xxo

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