They are the size of Oreos. They are the world’s most endangered sea turtle.  And yet, one beautiful morning a few weeks ago, we peeled our children out of bed at 5AM to watch 96 babies crawl for all they were worth to the Gulf of Mexico.  Here is the closeup:

Baby Turtle

It took half an hour and I swear the 100+ people gathered at dawn at the national seashore park on Padre Island waited with bated breath as the little ones flopped ever so slowly toward the water. They need to crawl on the beach to imprint it their systems so that years later, after having floated around in the ocean nested in seaweed (which is how they survive the first few years) they can return to the same beach.  And the cycle continues.

Turtle Processional

The turtles even had paparazzi with professional cameras (no flash though, it confuses them!) When baby turtle number one made it to the water such a primal roar of delight went up from the gathered crowd that it brought tears to my eyes. It was a proud-to-be-a-human kind of moment. Proud to be alive and connected to this beautiful blue green world.

En route to the waves the baby turtles had the luxury (unlike their contemporaries who hatch in the wild) to travel under a protective net to ward off birds.  And even when they were in the water a special trained crew of volunteers defended them from seagulls — they are the ones with the poles with flags. And they used them. One volunteer, wearing a life preserver, was out in waist deep water waving away seagulls and giving each little turtle a final bit of survival help.

The whole gathered body had the hush of people at a vigil watching something sacred take place.  Here they go!

There they go!



This month I’m taking a break from blogging to allow my creative juices to replenish and to spend time with my family. There is a lot happening in BirdinHand land—including developing a new online course to support parents, more e-trainings (on how to find and engage our right work) and some new forms of coaching I’ll be offering starting in the Fall.

But for now you can expect a series of {Almost} wordless posts: each with a picture of one of my favorite things. That’s it: nothing fancy. Just moments and corners of my life which make me happy. I’m actually having a lot of fun snapping those pics. You too might enjoy documenting the five or six things in your home + life which are making you the most happy. Try it! It’s a sure way to make the heart feel all buoyant inside. xxo

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