ElementalReservoir Rim

Have you heard of a green hour? I think I first encountered this idea in a wonderful book called The Nature Principle by Richard Louv.  It turns out that simply an hour outside a day yields serious mental health benefits. And here is my favorite part: nature does the work for you!

You don’t have to slave away on the yoga mat, or be mad at yourself because you can’t stop obsessing about work deadlines during meditation. All you do is Done!

It turns out that even more powerful than a “green hour” may be green + blue time.  As humans we just respond and relax in the face of water… the way the shoreline and the horizon mirror each other has the amazing capacity to relativize woes.

We travelled to my family’s retreat house in West Texas recently with some friends and enjoyed an evening at a nearby reservoir.

Where might you enjoy some green + blue time in the near future?



PS Next week I’ll be sharing about some new coaching options and opening up my fall calendar for new clients! xo

This month I’m taking a break from blogging to allow my creative juices to replenish and to spend time with my family. There is a lot happening in BirdinHand land—including developing a new online course to support parents, more e-trainings (on how to find and engage our right work) and some new forms of coaching I’ll be offering starting in the Fall.

But for now you can expect a series of {Almost} wordless posts: each with a picture of one of my favorite things. That’s it: nothing fancy. Just moments and corners of my life which make me happy. I’m actually having a lot of fun snapping those pics. You too might enjoy documenting the five or six things in your home + life which are making you the most happy. Try it! It’s a sure way to make the heart feel all buoyant inside. xxo 

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