Meditation Card for Upcoming Parenting with Enneagram Ecourse. Art by Skyler McGee.

As we start 2015 I feel the desire to be very clean + clear. To offer something which hasn’t been out there before: one tidy and brief (not my strong suit) description of all the ways we can work together. The price starts at free. I hope you will read on and reach out. But first, a love note from me to you.  (OK this part is not so brief! )

xo Courtney

Dear Birder,

You are talented but you know that success does not equal soul food. It is a fleeting friend at best. You believe your greatest work and life will come from saying yes to the knocks on the door of your heart.

This makes you a leader in a culture which values the outside over the inside and looking good over feeling good. To be a leader of this order means actually (here is the paradoxical bit) that you are a follower. You choose again and again to stop stomping through the forest of your own life and instead to sit still and listen. Then you hear your bird singing.

You desire to be whole, integrated & authentic. And sometimes you feel lonely on your path. There is a reason for the lonely! Living this way is a counter-cultural move. And it even runs against our habitual personality patterns, which are alive not just as mental habits but full-body neural pathways.

So this means also that you are brave.

The good news: there are more dynamic resources available to the soulful pilgrim in our time than perhaps in any other: ways to live in connection to our essential selves + in bright, shining community.

How? By finding access to wisdom teachers. By this I mean teachers + writers who tell the truth. But even more powerfully I mean those perennial resources which help you connect with your own inner teacher: things like the enneagram, meditation, + the labyrinth.

And that is what I aim to deliver to you—the best resources I know of for engaging in this transformational work not as an esoteric exercise but as a way of life.

So that you taste more moments of freedom.

So that you know how to hold your gifts in a way which nourishes you first… and then spills over into the world.

Because lets be clear. You don’t do this inner inquiry only for yourself.

It doesn’t work that way. You live it to give it. In your relationships. In your work. In your creative ventures.

And to support you in this process of paying it forward, you can expect more from me this year on conscious leadership + conscious parenting. Both are complex “contact zones” between inner awareness and the outside world. Both are spaces where mindfulness bears fruit whether in thriving + resilient children or communities. And both require somewhere solid to stand inside and tools for resetting when the pressure builds.

And of course meditation + the enneagram will continue to be my touchstones. Also an intention to create with and for you more community: for we are not meant to do this inner work alone.  So I hope you will look through all the opportunities for connecting this year (including some brand new options) and choose what is right for you. 



Pool at Belmont

*New* Build your own à la carte Coaching Package or sign up for a day retreat— like a spa for your soul! These are custom options and work well if you have a desire to get moving RIGHT now. You bring the specific question or struggle + I bring resources and together come up with a plan.  Includes written exercises, follow-up email support, and guided meditation. Details here.

Parenting with the Enneagram Video

Registration opened yesterday for my Parenting with the Enneagram: Nine Human Energies + How They Live in Children. This eCourse starts Jan 22. Early Bird Pricing available. 

Grow BigBird in Hand Coaching Intensive.  When you are ready to fertilize your growth, one-on-one support is the fastest (and least painful) way through the heat of inner transformational work + toward the fruit. Fit matters. Schedule a complementary clarity session for a taste of my coaching style + to answer any questions. 

Warm Cup of Tea*New* Coaching 2.0 For graduates of the Bird in Hand Coaching Intensive. In sessions 10-20 we build on all your hard work + learning from the first ten sessions to take it to the next level and target specific goals. Let’s do this! Contact me to get started.

Parenting Potions

Essential Oils. Check out my class next Friday, Jan 16, on Parenting Potions at Oil & Cotton. Essential oils are a fun, easy way to bring nature into regular life to promote mental, emotional + physical health. You can schedule a complementary aromatherapy session to learn more.

Vintage Nepalese Singing Bowl (Fairly Traded) which was part of the Guiness Book of World Records Attempt for the Largest Number of Singing Bowls in Austin, Texas in honor of the Dalai Lama's birthday in 2013. MeditationI bundled several of my most popular free guided meditations onto one page for easy use! You can also read more about one on one meditation support. Need a meditation instructor for your business or group? Contact me


Labyrinth_Ghost Ranch

*New* Locations… Expect more soon on an upcoming workshop I’m offering in August on Embodied Leadership at Ghost Ranch (Georgia O’Keeffe’s historic painting grounds + ranch) in New Mexico. I’m also dreaming of one on one + small group retreats at their lovely Casa del Sol. Email me to talk details + put something restorative on your calendar!

Pretty Face*New* Writing/Blogging Support. This has come up organically, via requests from you! When I started I was super uncomfortable with all things techy, fancying myself better equipped to live in a cave like the desert mothers + fathers. So if I can create an online presence, trust me you can too! Writing can be tender. I’m here to help you find your own authentic voice: that can mean that you talk to me and I write up a draft, or that we talk through your material + I’m here as a resource or to edit. I can also help you take a big writing project and “chunk it” to create an editorial calendar. Trust me, this whole blogging/writing thing feels so much better with support. Contact me to create a custom package for your writing needs.

Paper Bird made from a women's coop in the Philippines

Paper Bird made from a women’s coop in the Philippines

Thank You for being a part of my online + real time world. I am so grateful for you and wish you love + all the good in 2015.