Post Yoga Cortado at Wild Detectives Coffee Shop + Bookstore

Being a soulful entrepreneur involves two main ingredients (or so I am learning). One is the deep dive: spiritual reflection, learning + reading. Which is my favorite part. (Did you know in my fantasy life I live in a cave?) The other key ingredient is hustle. That is the energy I’ve been relating to more this week as I’m sharing the word about (and recording content for) my ecourse to help parents work with their child’s personality.

Hustle is all well and good, but sometimes it trips my circuits. I can get caught up in a kind of push energy and lose my connection to Source. This has happened a few different times over the last week as I stretch and grow with the launch of this new material.  I usually know it is happening because I feel flooded with static. The present moment all but evaporates as I turn my attention to the question of what to do next.

Isn’t this often the place we get stuck? In those moments when our personality/ego is stirred up and we think we shouldn’t be.

My personality has a bad habit of telling me that I should be immune from growing pains. Unlike everyone else on earth, I need to remain perfectly centered + stress free as I navigate new territory.

“You are a life coach after all” she whispers in my ear.

“You teach meditation.”

“Isn’t it, like, your job to know how to handle growth?”

One of my coaching clients described this approach to life as the expectation that if you make a touchdown, you better look like you have been there before.

I kind of can’t believe I just used a sports metaphor, but I thought it was a good one. And I do live in the land of Friday Night Lights.

The problem with the voice which whispers such things in our ear is 1) its not true and 2) it keeps us from feeling the joy at what we have accomplished.

If I have to pretend I feel no anxiety in the stretch, I have to keep pretending that it is no big deal when I reach a goal.

This makes setting + reaching goals so much less fun.

So it turns out the only option is to consciously open the door to both visitors: the anxiety + the joy. And they have been pretty constant companions the last few days. When anxiety is visiting I freak out that I’m not doing as much as I should on social media to explain clearly + concisely how powerful I think this course material is for parents. (Thank the heavens for Aimee, my new social/marketing diva. She holds my hand and makes me tweetable.)

When joy visits I do a happy dance. Which you would have seen had you walked by my car right after yoga when I opened my email to discover two Canadians had signed up for my course.

I mean I love Candadians! But more than that I was flooded with happiness at the magic of connecting to + supporting other conscious parents even if they live far far away.

I got to celebrate shortly thereafter with a friend + a cortado at my favorite independent book store/coffee shop. (pictured above)

Did you know anxiety + excitement travel on the same neural pathways?

So the next time your little naysayer whispers in your ear, try this:

Pause and breathe deeply. (I know, I know. Everyone says this. But they tell you to do this because it works!)

Especially long slow exhales are calming to the nervous system. Often just that is enough to help your body reset. You may be surprised that you can then “read” the sensations differently– more positive and bubbly than static-y and overwhelming. Don’t take my word for it– try it out.

And remember to make space for the joy. 

Celebration is a vital part of fueling your growth, wherever you are headed.



In addition to deep breaths there are nine vital messages we need to hear again and again, especially in childhood. When you join the Parenting with the Enneagram e-course (now available as a self-study), you’ll receive beautiful meditation cards with these nine messages + tips for using them. What personality energies do you see in your child/ren? (The performer, the perfectionist, the enthusiast etc?) Come on this journey with us to learn about all nine types and how to work with them as parents.

Here is the link to purchase the self-study version of the course & gain immediate access to all six week’s of content: Parenting with the Enneagram: Nine Human Energies + How They Live in Children (scroll down to see the meditation cards + other bonuses.)

Not a parent? I’d be honored if you would share with a friend or on social media. Parenting can be lonely. It doesn’t have to be!

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