Spring is greening around here. Here are some of my favorite pics from a recent walk around the levee (including a rare blog appearance by my husband:)

Ducks at Kidd Springs

Ducks at Kidd Springs Pond

Green on the Levee

Green on the Levee

Richie on the Levee

Richie on the Levee

Branches Greening

Greening Branches + The Trinity River

Rosetta in the Garden Store

Confession time: I promised details today on the new Buy1Give1 offer for my ten week transformational coaching intensive but I did not plan for enough time to pull that together and account for my growing edges…

Now I know i could press on and get it all done.  And sometimes the push is what is required. But this time I’m opting for the breather, hoping you too might risk pushing the pause button when you need it.

Because truthfully, not only did i not leave quite enough time to account for my very slow process in designing infographics (those images overlaid with text describing a service or product — a word I learned like a week ago) but spring has its own power and hold on my life and this week I’m under its spell.

One of my friends and an experienced Montessori preschool teacher says that kids need to get outside and run around around when the seasons shift. They (and we) feel the movement of the seasons in our bones.

This connection to seasons is primal. Yet people sometimes resonate with seasons only as a metaphor — recognizing for example that we often move through periods of dormancy before new growth. Yes seasons are a metaphor but they are also an embodied way we connect to our environment. In other words our body will naturally prompt us to get out and play in spring (think spring fever) and to slow down and snuggle in winter. The seasons even play out in our relationship to food. I know I shift from my kale + nut butter salad staple into craving green smoothies right about now…

And whereas my recovering overachiever personality would say my life needs to support the needs of my biz, my soul reminds me that the whole reason I created this biz is to be in support of my life.

So I gave myself some spring immersion time this week. What Hildegard of Bingen, a German mystic and beautiful author from the 12th century, called viriditas or greening power is still very much alive in our world. And its power to heal no less vital.

So whether you are still under snow or into the heart of spring, how could you invite some greening into your life this week? or better yet, couple greening with a breather?

Warm best,


PS Below you can read about my new DIY coaching option (and nifty infographic:) And look for those details next week (for reals!) on that BuyOneGiveOne offer —  where your investment in the ten session coaching package opens up the space for me to offer coaching to someone in need. xo

Support for busy people

Support for busy people

Some phases of life we may not have the time or the bandwidth to do a lot of deep inquiry, but we can identify a current challenge or stressor and line up some support for ourselves. This helps us feel better faster and creates space for fresh choices. Click on the video below to learn more…

DIY Video Screen Shot

How it works…

You Schedule Your Own Session + Follow-up in 15 Minute “Chunks”

Ah the delight of the online calendar. Go to my autoscheduler via the schedule now button below, find your time (day + evening options available), book it and voila! I will call you at our scheduled time on the number you provide.

(Did you know I do most of my coaching over the phone? This works strangely well. You get to be in your own cozy space, let your hair down, and share what’s real for you. I get to listen deeply. Together we focus in on what is most needing attention in your life and start there.)

DIY Sessions are available in 60 minute, 30 minute, and 15 minute options. You might for example want to start with an hour session and then schedule two half hour sessions next week or a fifteen minute checkin. Then a break and to schedule another session or two down the road. You design the support you need.

Laser in on a Current Concern or Growing Edge

Life is usually pretty good about dishing up these. For example, maybe you could use some help with a relationship with a partner or child (the enneagram is ahmazing for this!)

Or maybe you are struggling with a challenge with your work or in a leadership role. Or would like a booster on some coaching we have done together previously.

My recommendation would be to start with the area of your life which is least satisfying currently – that thing that you can’t shake or that is really bugging you.

DIY Coaching is also a good option if you could use support breaking down a big project (like launching your blog) to create some turtle steps.

It turns out that slow + steady is a powerful way to make progress.

Or maybe your challenge is more subtle. Perhaps you are simply tired of not feeling good or aligned in life and are not quite sure why. That is a good place to start too.

Whether you identify it ahead of time or we laser in on it together–by starting with whatever is suckiest, we get the most leverage out of our time together and the most relief for your nervous system.

Acquire Some Fresh Tools Which Help You Gain Perspective

Something I have been holding close to my chest is that I am in a magical (magical I tell you!) coach training program this year with Martha Beck.

Who in addition to being a Harvard-trained sociologist just happens to be Oprah’s resident life coach. And a beautiful, truthful author. So anyway, I’ve been busy the past six months learning new mind/body tools related to calibrating your body compass, using dream interpretation, metaphor + visualization as well as how to dissolve recurrent + disturbing thoughts. These are very fun! And all for you in the toolbox. (In addition to my main squeezes of the enneagram + meditation.)

Find Relief + Create Space for New and More Optimal Choices to Emerge

This is the whole point! It feels so good to identify and integrate whatever lesson is buried in the challenge you are encountering. We redeem the hard stuff by learning from it. And this process also opens up new space for you to reconnect to your agency in the situation + for fresh options to emerge. Habitually (especially when feeling trapped) we see things in black + white. Often there is a third way.

Move at Your Own Pace

You know best what you need. DIY Coaching is a highly flexible option which lets you take the lead and reach out as needed, when needed, and for as long as you need.

Here is a what some people have said about Bird in Hand Coaching:


I have known Courtney for several years and recently reached out to her for guidance in helping me hear my inner voice and removing the clutter of noises that were making it hard to listen. Courtney walked me through a meditation to identify where the tough questions were sitting in my body. After the session I could clearly hear my voice and where it was coming from. I was able to confidently move forward and take a huge leap in my life! She also followed up with some incredibly helpful resources. Courtney truly cares for others and this is evident in the tone of her voice, her silences while listening, and her practical guidance.

Kristin, Global Volunteer for Women’s Empowerment, Nepal (+Brooklyn)


I recently reached out to Courtney to help me make an important decision.  She gently walked me through a process that created freedom and space around the question and brought out a need for more rest and meditation rather than an immediate need to change my life. After our session I felt more open and less stressed about my decision and was able to envision multiple solutions to the problem.

Jessica, Architect, Dallas, TX

You can read what other clients are saying about Courtney here…

What do you say? Let’s do this! Click on the button below to choose your first session.

DIY Schedule Now Button

But Wait… How Much Does it Cost?

I’m offering DIY Coaching this spring at a significant discount from my regular coaching rates. DIY sessions are $92/hour, $46/30 min session, and $23/15 minute session. Since you are “doing a lot yourself” in terms of scheduling, followup, and even leading us in the direction of the hot topics in your life, this is a pared-down coaching option when compared to my ten session intensive (which I still love.) In fact, if you think you might be ready for a deep dive then I hope you will stay tuned for an upcoming Buy One Give One offer, where your investment in your transformational coaching intensive opens up space for someone else who can’t afford it.

And What Are My Payment Options?

You pay via PayPal directly when you book your spot. (I can also accept credit card/debit card payments directly over the phone. If that is your preference book a complementary conversation first and we will get the payment details squared away on that call.)

So… What Do You Say?

  • Would a lower cost, drop-in coaching option feel like a better fit for this season of your life + finances?
  • Would you enjoy new tools or recommended practices to help you reconnect to your own capacities?
  • Would you like to walk away from our session not just with the regular voices in your head but with some new space + relief? Click on the button below + grab your spot today! xo Courtney

DIY Schedule Now Button

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Courtney Pinkerton, M.Div & M.PP, is a holistic life and leadership coach and the founder of Bird in Hand Coaching. She holds dual masters degrees from Harvard Divinity School and Harvard Kennedy School, is the host of the Summer of Meditation Challenge and publishes a weekly e-newsletter on real-world mindfulness practices. Courtney teaches regularly on the Enneagram, meditation, and conscious approaches to leadership and parenting. She lives in Oak Cliff, Texas with her husband Richard Amory where they try to keep up with their three young children and remember to water their garden boxes. Courtney can be reached at cp@courtneypinkerton.com or you can schedule a complementary conversation to talk more.

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