Photo Sep 07, 4 54 57 PM

A cozy reading nook in our new studio. Don’t you wish you were small enough to climb in?

There is one question I ask myself almost every day. I asked it this morning when I wasn’t sure what to write for today’s post. It is this:

What would feel like an offering?

What could I contribute in a palm-open way?

The answer for today is more pictures. Sure it would be nice to have lots of pithy words and insights, but truthfully my creative energy this week is going into moving back into my home office turned studio.

Photo Sep 09, 11 39 01 AM

Photo Sep 07, 4 28 04 PM

The process is slow. Each object is having to earn its way back in here. Each piece of electronic equipment is being thoroughly wiped. I find the closet + bookshelves so beautiful empty I’m having a hard time filling them.

Is there anything more hopeful than an empty closet?

Is there anything more hopeful than an empty closet?

And I’m letting whimsy be my guide– pausing to create a cozy reading nook for my kids or lovingly refolding my granny’s croqueted blankets so they stack nicely.

Trust me I am not normally like this. And I have had to watch my personality get all hyper and grumpy (is there any worse combination?) as I have spent whole days editing desk drawers or moving the technology setup in here so I can write to you. (Don’t I have an assistant on hand who could do such things for me? Printer cords irritate.)

And yet, I can see something taking shape in here…  And as much as I’d like to share pics of the final project, I’m trusting (on my good days) the pace of the process.

Photo Sep 10, 11 33 29 AM

What about you?  Is there any change you are moving into?

How would it feel to stare down our culture’s addiction to speed and instead trust your inner pace?

This is a brave move. I’d love to hear about it! Leave me a comment below. 

Warm best,


PS I’m working on things behind the scenes to set up my first online “shop” with easy access to the self-study version of my ecourses and other resources. I’m also playing with some new pics and updates for my website. I look forward to sharing all of it with you! xo

An “Almost Wordless” post is my name for one with lots of pictures and a few words or a question.

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