3 Questions

Sometimes it is good to drill waaay down. To approach a complex moment (like turning to the new year) in as simple a way as possible.

This time of year I live in a tension: I love the impulse to start fresh that the new year brings… but I find all the “new year, new you!” tips and advertisements a bit tedious. It can start to feel like pressure.

Instead I take a cue from the succulents which have moved in with me over the winter. Their quiet presence infuses my home studio/office space and reminds me that growth is not always flashy. There is beauty in slowly unfolding.

So to help us all sidestep that frenetic intensity of January yet claim a moment to be intentional: I designed a simple meditation rooted in 3 key questions.

What do I want less of this year?

What do I want more of?

What one step am I being invited toward to make these real?

Take 10 minutes and try it out!

(If you have any trouble with the player… here is the New Year Meditation file –rightclick to download.)

And be on the look out for lots more next week including your special invitation to my Ghost Ranch event for women this April 7-10.

Happy Happy New Year Birder. I’m so grateful to share this watering hole with you.


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* The questions for today’s guided meditation were inspired by the work of Caroline Ferguson, Mindset Trainer.