Spiral Labyrinth Bouquet

When my hem is wet and water tricking down my parka and it is round trip # five in the rain to the minivan hauling nature bits for the spiral labyrinth which is our preschool graduation (now moved indoors) I have a little mantra I say to myself:

“I was in the Peace Corps.”

It is my own way of saying “Hey, Corina, you got this!” (Corina is my nickname and what I call myself. A throwback to my time in Nicaragua where “Courtney” comes out “Corny” in the mouths of Spanish-speakers and who wants to be called “Corny” for 27 months? So I rechristened myself…)

And in challenging moments some wiser part of me comes up saying, “Sweety, you forget what you can do. Sure maybe time is tight and you feel a little squeezed on the last day of school and so ready to graduate from preschool yourself after 7 years and 3 little ones. But take a breath. And remember. You hauled your own water. You lived on a volcano. And you loved it. When it wasn’t breaking your heart.

This is no different. This is life. The too-muchness of it all. And you got it. Or rather, it has you.”

My self talk isn’t always so kind. But I am grateful when this better angel of my nature shows up and reminds me to hold my own agenda with a light touch. Otherwise the day will be a blur and I won’t have had that moment to let the shift happen, to really feel into the saying goodbye to one era and hello to another. And that is not the way I want to live, at least not anymore.

So it has me wondering, dear one:

What mantra do you offer yourself to tap into your resiliency? 

How do you remind yourself of what you are capable of?

Maybe your story of discovering resources you didn’t know you had happened closer to home.

Maybe it was in the service of another: a loved one or friend.

Maybe it is happening right now today, as you contemplate a shift in your life or dare to name a transition you desire.

We all need inner touchstones which help us stretch back out to our rightful size.

I would love to hear your resiliency story or mantra in a comment below.

What you share may be just the inspiration another needs to hear!

Love + All the Good,


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Summer of Meditation Challenge 2016