For the last two week’s I’ve been having my arse kicked by a book coach with her lovely lilting British accent — challenging me to better understand my readers, craft my bio, and title. {Current working title is Flourish: How to Design Your Life from the Inside Out. Check out my new author’s bio at the end of today’s post.}

This dream of writing a book is going from the fluttery edges of my life i.e. “I’d like to write a book some day… ” to “this year” to “this is really happening!”

And along the way it is losing some of its etherial quality and becoming more of a stretch. Not in a bad way but more like yoga class. It might not feel amazing while i’m doing it, though parts actually do, but I definitely feel good after.

This is how dreams become real. I take objection to the idea in much of the self-help literature that you “align yourself with your deeper truth” and shazam, all will come together with no bumps.

It is true that when you are pointed in the right direction you can expect lots of good things: energy in your body, serendipity, and more.

But it is the rare bird who brings anything more than the simplest dream into reality on the first pass.

Which is where the beauty of the elegant design comes in.

Structure can be your friend. And support.

So let me be the British book coach for your dream!

Watch today’s video to learn more about how I can help. And read all the details below about my Soulpreneur Mastermind group coaching program which opens today.

Whether you want to write more or in a new container, whether you are wanting to start a new biz or a new project in your existing biz, or a new creative or community venture. Even if you aren’t exactly sure what you are wanting to create yet but you feel the soul rumblings…or if you are already creating your dream but could use some community around it.

I hope you will join today! Space is limited.

Q: What is a Mastermind? How does it work?

A: A Mastermind is a group coaching program + space for mutual encouragement. My Soulpreneur Mastermind includes an audio lesson + written guide for each month’s theme, plus a live group coaching phone call (which is also recorded for listening to later) + a private Facebook group. Once you join the group via the secure payment option below you can expect a welcome email from me shortly with all your access details. The Mastermind is a three month minimum commitment starting October 20th — enough time to really help you make progress toward your goals.

Q: How much does it cost?

I have priced it as affordably as possible ($97/month or a discounted 3 month bundle of $275) to encourage more women to invest in themselves and their own soulful nudges. Reach out to me at with any questions — loads of details and questions answered below. Plus the secure payment options.

xo Courtney

Soulprenuer Mastermind Details

Program includes:

Audio lesson + written guide will be shared ahead of each month’s call.

Monthly 75 minute group coaching phone session (which will also be recorded if you miss the live conversation.)

Dates for the live coaching calls 1-2:15PM CST:

Thursday October 20: Where Are You in The Change Cycle?

Thursday November 10: Craft Your Freedom Schedule

Thursday December 15: What are Your Super Power(s)?

You will also receive priority + 10% discount on future Soulpreneur day retreats –including time in nature and delicious gluten free lunch.

And here is some more info on the resources we will explore each month (also described in the video):

October: The Change Cycle. This powerful tool from Martha Beck, a Harvard-trained Sociologist turned Oprah’s life coach, will help you understand which phase of the human metamorphosis process you are in (There are four phases.) This is really important to understand because we nurture ourselves and our dreams differently depending on which phase of the Change Cycle we are in. Sometimes you need to seriously up the self care, other times you need to hold tight to the mantra: “this is harder than I thought and that’s OK!” and continue with consistent action.

And what if you are in different parts of the Change Cycle indifferent aspects of your life? Trust me things get so much easier with this useful tool as you put your experience in a much larger frame and know how to support yourself. This month we will also do a mini-guided meditation which shows you how to identity and dissolve limiting beliefs.

November. Your Daily, Weekly, Monthly Freedom Calendar plus a conversation about how to create your life-giving morning routine. Crafting your freedom calendar is actually probably the most powerful tool I have encountered in building my own biz — especially helpful for those intuitive, creative types who don’t want to be hemmed in. But imagine how good it will feel to wake up each day knowing what to do and when to nurture the various parts of your dream. 

December: What is Your Superpower? Clarity is powerful, in life and in our work. One of the things Soulpreneurs are less clear on than they could be is their strengths (often they are humble, service-oriented people). But here is the key: your strength and your weakness are two sides of the same coin. So getting clear on your strengths also helps you identify your struggles. Not so you can harangue yourself and unleash the inner critic, au contraire! But so you know what stumbling blocks to watch out for and how to support yourself through your weak areas.

In this month’s session we are going to use the Enneagram (my fav personality map) and two other personality lenses to help you laser in on the value you offer others. This is also sometimes called your original medicine. It has been with you since you were a child. It is something you also need. We offer it to ourselves first and then naturally it flows out to others. The clearer you are on this the more your work feels like play.

Space in this program is limited so each Soulpreneur phone group coaching session will also include ample time for Q & A (you can even send those questions in ahead of time if you have to miss the call or don’t like to ask them in front of others) and a chance to laser in on what you are struggling with to help you find relief. Our monthly calls will also help you identify concrete “turtle steps” which take that big goal and break it down into things you can accomplish. The Facebook group will provide a forum for you to followup with your steps and a safe place to get feedback and encouragement.

Q: What if I don’t actually have a specific dream?

A: That is totally OK! Sometimes the next step for nurturing our soul nudges is simply to create whitespace within our minds and hearts. This group will do exactly that along with resources you can draw from down the road when you need them!

Q: How much time will it take?

A: 2 1/2 hours a month including the audio lesson, written action guide, and coaching call. (You can do these at any time convenient for you. Even the group coaching call will be recorded if you have to miss it.) I have intentionally kept the structured part of the program light so you have time to tackle the turtle steps related to your goal and to share in the Facebook group.

Q: What if I need more support?

A: This group coaching program is offered as a free bonus for all my one on one coaching clients. You can read more about this and all my Fall Coaching Gifts here.

Ready to Join? I’d love to have you!

You can join today via the monthly option or the 3 month bundle (including a 5% discount.) Either way a percentage of your joining fee will also go to support women starting life-changing businesses in the developing world. Choose your payment option below:



You can also expect a free bonus gift including access to a private course page with guided meditations, written + audio lessons on the 8 pillars of Happiness at Work: Balance, Concentration, Compassion, Resilience, Communication, Integrity, Meaning + Open Awareness. ($97 Value)

And as promised…My new book proposal bio is below! xo Courtney

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Courtney Pinkerton is a certified holistic life coach and the founder of Bird in Hand Coaching. She holds dual masters degrees from Harvard Divinity School and Harvard Kennedy School, is the host of the Summer of Meditation Challenge and publishes a popular blog on soulful living. Courtney teaches regularly on the Enneagram, meditation, and MindBody practices as well as supporting other ‘soulpreneurs’, women who want to lead with heart in their work and lives.
Her personal story is compelling: after spending a year abroad at the London School of Economics and winning a competitive federal Truman scholarship for change-agents, she undertook four years of direct service with and learning from marginalized women. In this time she supported homeless mothers at an award-winning domestic violence recovery program and women in creating community banks in one of the poorest regions of Nicaragua.
After graduating from a dual Masters program at Harvard, Courtney assumed the lead pastor role at an emerging church — a congregation serving artists, social entrepreneurs and activists. During her tenure she designed and lead weekly innovative worship services, fielded interviews by media on the congregation’s high social media engagement and spoke at conferences on postmodern Christianity.
But following the birth of her third child and in the midst of some leadership challenges in the church, she reached a decision point: should she continue down this path and sacrifice her own happiness, or could she trust that there was another way to contribute?
She resigned her role and engaged in a period of exploration and reflection, discovering several tools that were lifelines during her process: the Enneagram (a human personality map), a good coach (who later mentored her transition into the field), meditation and more. She has spent the last five years crafting the handbook for freedom which can come only by unhooking from other’s expectations on your life and creating an elegant inner scaffolding.
In all her roles from formal degree programs at Harvard to conversations on a volcano in Nicaragua she has been engaging with the same question: how does our inner life contribute to our work in the world? Courtney now helps other women to bring more of their authentic selves out into their work and creative contributions and to enjoy themselves along the way.