Hammock Chair

Today I am in the mood to celebrate, so I tried something new. And when my beloved yoga teacher told us it was time for headstands I said I’d like to try it in the middle of the room.

What does this mean? No wall behind you. Just the feel of sliding your feet up in the wide open air and hovering. Now once I got up there I felt pretty good for about 2.5 seconds. Then I thought she left me. And fear did its fish flop in my stomach.

“I’m kind of freaking out!” I told her.

“I’m still here,” she clarified. “My arm is just a few inches behind your feet. You have to feel into the experience of holding yourself up. Or you won’t be able to balance.”

And that is when I remembered why I was doing it. Because today I am happy and feel the big whoosh that comes after launching something new.

It was that playful energy which got me into this upside down position. And now I had to trust it.

Which required a new level of receiving both the encouragement of my teacher and the support of the ground under my head.

But I found my sweet spot and it was amazing.

I could actually feel the fish in my belly converting. Not to something hard and solid. Thankfully we are never granted that security we crave.

But to a dynamic pulsing, a sense of being on intimate terms with life.

Holding myself within a greater awareness that was holding me.

Now that I am right side up again I am left with the afterglow.

And I am curious… where might this story connect with your story?

Maybe it is in the reminder to celebrate. Something my wise friends continue to teach me. (Left to my bad habits I just blow on to the next.) But I’m coming to appreciate the value of savoring.

Or maybe you are engaged in your own process of metabolizing fear.

Or perhaps something in you pings with the recognition that you need a yoga teacher or guide in your life. To hold sacred space for your potential. To believe in your capacities when you are stretching tall and your lizard brain is threatening to knock the whole thing over.

Truthfully this is why I coach. Not because I have it all figured out. (In fact every time I get a little prideful on that score I seem to endure a hefty wallop in the ass from the universe saying — “Sorry. That is not how this works, dear one. You don’t get to sit on the sidelines, separate or feeling smug.”)

No I coach because it is beautiful. Beautiful to see people stand on their heads and say yes to receive this next iteration of their life and their creative work.

And there is no other word than joy to describe how I felt yesterday holding space for this incredible group of women who are part of the Soulpreneur Mastermind. These women are intuitive and authentic and from so many fields: poets, engineers, yoga teachers, marketing gurus, leadership, life and wellness coaches, realtors, pastors and spiritual teachers, educators, publishers, scientists and many writers. Some are consciously closing chapters of their life which no longer match who they are, others simply creating white space to listen, and others taking brave steps to live into the new.

We have space for two more women before this Mastermind closes for several months to allow us to build some intimacy and trust in the group. So if this sounds like your flock I would love for you to reply here with any questions or join today (details + registration options here)

Love and all the good,

PS What is up with the hammock chair? It is one of my favorite spots, a gift from my husband our first year together in Nicaragua, and it is where I went yesterday after this great coaching call to simply breathe in the fall sun and let it soak in. To celebrate. See, I’m learning!

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Courtney Pinkerton, M.Div & M.PP, is a holistic life coach and the founder of Bird in Hand Coaching. She holds dual masters degrees from Harvard Divinity School and Harvard Kennedy School, is the host of the Summer of Meditation Challenge and publishes a popular blog on soulful living. Courtney teaches regularly on the Enneagram, meditation, and MindBody practices as well as supporting other “soulpreneurs,” aka women who want to lead with heart in their work + lives. She lives in Oak Cliff, Texas with her husband Richard Amory where they try to keep up with their three children and remember to water their garden boxes. You can read more about her coaching options here or Courtney can be reached directly at cp@courtneypinkerton.com.