san-miguel-rooftop_quoteThis has been some week, beloved! One spent communing with the dust and gold that is human life.
On the one hand I turned 40. This actually feels fabulous. I’ve been told all my life that I’m “mature for my age” and an “old soul” – seriously I’m ready to just be old already. Bring it! Ready for my insides to match my outsides. I think I’ll be a good crone or medicine woman.
The funny thing about turning my gaze to the second half of life is that I simultaneously feel lighter than ever.
For my birthday present to myself I completed a two plus month cleanse. It was fierce and had some powerful side effects as I detoxed off sugar, caffeine, processed food and booze but I feel really clean and powerful inside now. Like I finally listened to the diet my body wants for me and stopped feeling sorry for myself that I can’t eat whatever I want. (The funny thing is you would have thought I was eating tons of sugar and the like before. I wasn’t but it was still more than my body wanted.)
Now I get to let back in fruits and some gluten free grains and the occasional treat so it can become a sustainable way of life.
But I feel lighter not just physically but emotionally as well.
As I head into this decade I am so grateful for the lessons I learned in my 30s – born from the intensity of birthing and parenting little ones, learning how to chart a career which integrates my spirituality and ambition, and making peace with my hometown after swearing I’d never return to live here (and succeeding) for most 20s.
All of this contending with the dust of human bodies, aging, and dietary limits seems to have set me up to enjoy the gold side of the equation.
You know there are moments where life just feels magical? Filled with fairy dust?
Well I had me some of those on our recent trip to San Miguel de Allende, a cultural gem in the Central Mexico highlands.
Perfect days full of soaking in mineral springs and botanical gardens and long conversations with my husband. 

Dinners on rooftop restaurants overlooking the cathedral lit below in the town square.
Lunch remembering how fun it is to speak Spanish with new friends at communal tables in an open air café.
And beyond our trip to San Miguel I felt the gold dust at home too – especially when presented with breakfast in bed and homemade cards by my little people.
What I was struck by in all the magic was how it was just what I wanted.

Someone else might have wanted a huge party for their birthday or another kind of trip or celebration. But to gift myself this experience I had to actually pay attention to what I desired. To the life which is right for me.
I haven’t always been so good at that. As a recovering overachiever and people pleaser I have logged some serious time jumping through other people’s hoops. But I’m learning to unhook from other’s expectations and to honor my own soulful nudges.  
And this is what I hope for each of us. In those big milestone days and in the ones in between. A fit between what we want and what we live.
A resonance.
A feeling of cohering on the inside and out.

To share the goodness I’ve tucked in a few of my favorite pics from San Miguel below.
And to plant a seed. I’m researching locations for my spring retreat in 2017. Austin and now San Miguel are on the short list.
So if you need some adventure in your life. Get your passport. It will either be in Texas (hey, we are like a whole other country!) or Mexico. I’m leaning pretty heavily toward San Miguel. I’ll keep you posted.
Love to you,

Quick Update: The idea for my book, the Flourish Formula, was born on this rooftop in San Miguel de Allende. I looked at Rich and told him I wanted to write a book this year. And he looked back and said, “I think you will do it.” And I did! You can order your copy of the book here. 



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