I have some fun news for you today, mi amiga. Our Bird in Hand team is growing and I’d love for you to join in the fun!

Specifically I am looking for 10 new members for my book launch team. Participation in this group includes:

1) An advanced-reader electronic copy of my forthcoming book

2) Treats and Surprises I’m only sharing with my team

And what does being on the book launch team entail?

It means that you resonate with my message of slow, spacious living in a hyper-driven world. And that you would like to help me connect to other women who you think would enjoy learning more about my curated selection of awareness practices called The FLOURISH Formula. (No hype — only deep shifts here.)

I am going for a big goal: Amazon best-seller status. And I can only do it with a team effort!

Here is how it works: on the day my book goes live on Amazon it will be free to download. We are launching the ebook in October and publishing the print book in January.

Amazon recalculates best-seller status on the hour, so if we can get everyone we know who might enjoy this book plus their dog and dentist to download it within that same hour we have a shot for getting the best-seller status!

This is important because then Amazon starts promoting my book to others who buy something similar. It spreads the message of these life-changing tools and techniques far and wide so that more women who feel trapped inside lives of doing, pushing, and achieving can find their way to a new equilibrium. A life which both feels good to be in and (ironically) unlocks their greatest gifts.

I believe with such passion that we need more women living in this inside-out way: unhooking from the praise and blame of others so that they can show up and make marks in this life.

Not from a place of needing the accolades or gold star to feel worthy but out of the fierce desire to serve which can only come when we are well-resourced from the inside out.

So how do you help share the word?

Well the best way for me to connect to other women is always through relationships, friendships and one on one recommendations.

So team members will share the book launch with their community. This could be as simple as emailing some friends with a special invitation. Or sharing on social media or face to face!

So whether you are new here or you have followed my blog for a while, if this sounds fun I would be honored to have you on the team.

Just reply here with a yes — I’m in! and I’ll share more details.

And stay tuned next week for a super special invitation to a book launch party I’m hosting in Nicaragua on Saturday evening, October 21st. Space is limited and I would so love to host you for this unique event in Granada, a gorgeous 500+ year old colonial town where we are making our home.

besitos, Courtney

PS I am also so delighted to announce that my husband Rich (captured above) is also joining the Bird in Hand team. There are many good things I could say about him and this dream of working together is one I have had for a long time — in fact it is what brought us together back in the Peace Corps when we were each selected to lead the orientation for the incoming volunteers. (Which involved traveling to Granada, spending time one-on-one developing training sessions on sustainable development and well, here we are 15 years and three children later!)

Rich is taking the lead on editing my book as well as lifting some back office/financial work off my plate so I can focus on the teaching, coaching and writing I love. He is a thoughtful gem of a human (a head type or type 5 on the Enneagram if you must know:) and hates being the center of attention so I will say no more. Other than he is very fun to work with and if you happen to connect with him via email or otherwise I hope you will welcome him to our Bird in Hand tribe. xo Courtney

Courtney Pinkerton, M.Div & M.PP, is a holistic life coach and the founder of Bird in Hand Coaching. She holds dual masters degrees from Harvard Divinity School and Harvard Kennedy School and is the creator of the 8 step FLOURISH Coaching program. Courtney loves hosting retreats for women in nature and beauty-drenched locales, her next one will be held in Granada, Nicaragua October 20-23rd. In live events and through her coaching Courtney helps busy women unlock their greatest gifts and thrive in their personal lives. This summer she moved to Nicaragua with her husband Richard Amory and their three children where together they are exploring volcanic islands, colonial cities, and area beaches to find their perfect spot to land. Interested to learn more about her FLOURISH coaching program or upcoming retreat? You can schedule your complimentary discovery session here

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