Ever since I was a teenager and first really woke up to the joys of strolling through a museum, I can remember getting frustrated at artists who label their work uninspired titles like “Bowl of Fruit #3.”

Whether painting, poem, or book — I always crave a name that means something. A name that stokes my appreciation of the art itself.

In my extremely limited experience here (this being my first book) it would seem that choosing a title for your book is not much different than choosing a name for your baby — with one difference.

When you choose a name for your child — it is for both of you. On the one hand you need to enjoy it, need to be able to imagine saying it over and over again, and introducing others to the name. At the same time the name isn’t really for you. In fact it is for a life which (hopefully) will long out live you. It is a gift forward.

When choosing a name for a book (especially one in the genre of personal growth) you aren’t so much naming it, as writing a tiny letter to your ideal reader. It is a wave, a wink and a nod. An acknowledgment that you see her and her struggle. That you have been there and have stories and guidance to share.

Remember when my book was in sticky note form? It has come a long way from this picture a couple of years ago but the core themes and tools remain the same: refashioning our relationship to work (and ourselves) so we can stop the habit of “comparing and despairing,” using the Enneagram (an ancient personality map) to find freedom from habitual ways of reacting, compassion, meditation, and there in the middle at the bottom: Go Slow.

I wrote this book for the woman who is in a particular kind of pain: she wants to slow down but doesn’t know how.

Every year in January she thinks “I have got to slow down…” but then it doesn’t stick.

For the past couple of years I have been calling the book informally “An Over-Achiever’s Recovery Guide.”

Put them together and you have

The Flourish Formula: An Overachiever’s Guide to Slowing Down and Accomplishing More

And why Flourish Formula? I thought for a long time on what is the opposite of overachieving. If overachieving is giving to get, being dependent on exhausting habits of pleasing others or pushing, striving and proving in life — what do we hope for instead?

A life where we feel incredibly alive.
Not just OK. Not numb or sleepwalking.
Not empty.
But throbbing with growth. And filled up with nutrients.

I hope “Flourish” captures all that. Plus it let me play with all kinds of luscious tropical greenery as part of the new logo and website, which is coming so soon!

And “Formula” — those are the eight steps I guide the reader through in the book. The tools and strategies for creating an inner scaffolding for receiving your next level in life.

And why accomplishing more? Because ironically when we slow down we actually get more done. By getting lazer clear on what we are here to do — thank God we don’t actually have to do everything.

And that feeling of waking up each day knowing what is yours to do, and what isn’t?


I can’t wait to share the full cover with you which we are still fine tuning.



PS I created a brand new Author Facebook page to go with the launch of this book! I’ll be sharing lots more behind the scenes details via Facebook so I hope you check it out and “like” it today!

Would you like another sneak peek into The Flourish Kit — a curated selection of resources for readers of The Flourish Formula? I made a fresh how-to video on Tapping or Acupressure, to go with Chapter “U” or “Understand the Language of Your Body.” You can preview it here or by clicking on the photo below.
xoxo Courtney

Courtney Pinkerton, M.Div & M.PP, is a holistic life coach and the founder of Bird in Hand Coaching. She holds dual masters degrees from Harvard Divinity School and Harvard Kennedy School and is the author of the forthcoming book The Flourish Formula and creator of the 8-step FLOURISH Coaching program. Courtney loves hosting retreats for women in nature and beauty-drenched locales.  Her next retreat is in Granada, Nicaragua from October 20-23rd. In live events and through her coaching, Courtney helps busy women unlock their greatest gifts and thrive in their personal lives. This summer she moved to Nicaragua with her husband Richard Amory and their three children where together they are exploring volcanic islands, colonial cities, and area beaches to find their perfect spot to land. Interested to learn more about her FLOURISH coaching program or upcoming retreat? You can schedule your complimentary discovery session here.

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