Did you know your heart actually sends signals to the brain which influence your entire nervous system? So what better time than on Saint Valentine’s Day, to show your heart some love?

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The heart’s magnetic field is 5,000 times stronger than the brain’s and tending well to your heart has the power to reduce stress hormones, enhance the immune system and even increase anti-aging hormones.

Today I share one of my favorite techniques for reconnecting to the heart when anxiety, stress, or a feeling of pushing or forcing life has taken over:

Heart-centered breathing.

This is super simple. And powerful. Which does not mean easy. I invite you to try it and see how it shifts your morning or your day.

First: Close your eyes. This just allows you to simplify the input which is coming in through your senses.

Now bring your attention to your heart. Sometimes putting a hand on your heart can help you focus. We as mammals are hardwired to respond to touch and warmth.

Imagine your heart is a room and you can throw open the doors and window. With every inhale drawing in fresh, clean air. With every exhale releasing anything which is stale or which no longer serves you.

Practice breathing this way for ten breaths. This can feel like a long time but is actually less than a minute. Notice how you feel.

And happy Valentines Day! XO



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