Does it feel like work sometimes to line up the support that you know you need?

I get it. It can feel like a part time job to identify the support which would be most helpful:

is it coaching?

a book to read?

a proper vacation?

What is it that is going to move you through the places where you feel stuck into a new relationship with yourself, your work, your partner, your body?

And then when you think you may have found a good option, the gremlins chime in and ask:

Is it worth the investment?

Am I?

I have created a new Flourish Assessment process to help with this challenge. It is designed to help you identify:

1) Where you are being invited to grow

2) How you are currently getting in your own way

3) The supportive strategies which will help you accomplish your current goals with more ease and pleasure.

So far I have only shared this process with current coaching clients but I am opening up a set number of slots this week and next week to share it with more women, for free!

This process is light and fun. In addition to giving you an opportunity to air out your thinking around a current challenge, I’ll be sharing concrete coaching tips and resources that you can implement in your life right away.

I have also opened up evening and weekend hours for these calls. Something I almost never do.

Why? Because I want it to feel really easy to say yes.

So whether you are new to coaching or a previous client who would like an additional dose of support, I hope you willreserve your session today.

And please do forward this email on to a friend who is facing a challenge or looking for some support.

Warmly, Courtney

PS I have shared some answers to common questions below.

Q. I’m interested to talk more but I am not sure I want to engage in coaching right now, so will I be wasting your time?

A. I am really clear that this is my work to do: meeting busy women and helping them share their most potent gifts in their work and creativity AND thrive in their personal lives. So the opportunity to talk with you about current growing edges is definitely not wasting my time. It is what I love to do! Of course I will be happy to share more details about how I work with women as a coach if I think that could be a good fit and you are interested, but I am also going to share tips and strategies you can implement right now.

Q. My work schedule is crazy. Do I really have the time to do this?

A. I am going to be really honest here. This “I couldn’t possibly fit this in” gremlin is a big challenge for many of my clients. But in my own life and work I have learned that when we think we don’t have the time (for a supportive conversation or a meditation or a warm meal or whatever it is) that is precisely when we need those things the most.And the good news? A little bit can go a long way toward shifting how you feel and also helping identify your next steps toward the goals and priorities you hold most dear.
Let’s Talk More! xo Courtney