Want to know the secret to big forward momentum in work and creative goals? Shifting from limbic to true intention. Like so many awareness practices this one is simple but not easy.

Let’s unpack it. An intention is simply the motivation behind your action. The clearer we are on this the better.

“Limbic intention” is one rooted in fear or grasping energy (from the “limbic” region of the brain or our emotional center.)

Actions which come from this place have a certain feel. Namely, not so good.

In fact suffering is our cue that we have lost the connection to our heart or our true essence.

And actions from this place are firmly rooted in our ego structure. We feel the need to prove ourselves. We fear we won’t have enough. We feel less than or that something is wrong. And so we try to “fix” ourselves or the situation.

This is 100% human. But not only are “limbic” intentions really limited (i.e. not that powerful) they also actually can get in the way of what we truly want!

I made you a fresh guided meditation called Limbic to True Intention so you can put this awareness into practice in your own life. Enjoy!

Leave me a comment below to share what you discover in your shift to true intention. I’d love to hear!


{I’m indebted to Tara Brach and her talk “Winds of Homecoming” for inspiring this blog post and meditation.}