For weeks I avoided sending the emails. Why?


Of course I didn’t think of it as fear at the time. I felt too busy. Or like I was focused on other things.

But there it was — a little doubt which had happily rooted itself in the corner of my brain:

What if this book is too self-helpy for them to even respond?

What if they don’t remember me?

What if they think it…. isn’t any good?

I drafted a version of the email but weeks passed without me simply clicking “send.”

Even the thought of doing it made my energy tank. Like I was moving through heavy sand.

** It can feel risky to put your creative work out in the world. **

And I had one final step before The Flourish Formula could become a print book: requesting advance praise.

These are the blurbs that provide “social proof” of your message.

I created a dream list, including Harvard professors and Enneagram teachers at the forefront of the field. I found their email addresses, drafted emails… and then got stuck.

Until I remembered: soliciting feedback is an important act of service for your potential readers. If my ideal reader sees recommendations on the back cover which inspire confidence it opens the door for her to believe: “Maybe this could help me too…”

In fact — this is the key shift which allowed me to move through the fear:

I stopped thinking about this as an exercise in soliciting feedback of me and focused on the women this book is for and what I want for them:

I want a world where women can be leaders and emotive. Feminine and fierce. Deeply nourished and impactful in their field (and their life.)

Where they don’t buy into the idea that they have to eat themselves on the inside to make their mark “out there.”

No more ignoring our own body and soul needs to care for others and do our work but women who are truly HAPPY, FULFILLED, and AWAKE to both daily pleasures and CLEAR about their unique role as change-maker. Because we do need some changes in our communities and on our planet.

Maybe you can even feel the shift just reading this email? Once I was tapped into that place — hell yeah I was reaching out for some testimonials.

But honestly. What came back is so much more encouraging than I ever expected. (And I am so excited to share a taste with you below.)

Now over to you:

Do you have an area of your life where doubt or fear have taken root?

Maybe you don’t believe you can really make a particular change because you just don’t feel brave enough.

What if you flip it around to consider who you can serve?

For example:

  • Afraid to start your own business or side business? Think of all those clients who need precisely the medicine you offer!
  • Feel too busy to finish your manuscript? Picture your ideal reader curling up on a Saturday morning treasuring your words and feeling so much less alone.
  • Or maybe you are not considering a big project but wanting to create some small changes. I firmly think that small adjustments into wholeness, like starting a meditation practice or creating a beautiful morning routine, have ripples which serve others.

I don’t think we ever outgrow fear. But I hope this case-study helps you to own the gifts you bring and to ask for the help you need to share them. Because I do know that our world needs exactly what you offer.

Love and all the good,



Q. When can I order a print copy of The Flourish Formula?

A. Now that we have the advance praise blurbs for the back cover only a few minor steps keep us from staring the printing process, which will take about six weeks. I’ll keep you updated. But it looks like MAY! xo Courtney
Here is a taste of the advance praise blurbs. Thank you so much to everyone who has shared their feedback and encouragement. It means so much to me!

“Courtney Pinkerton is the answer to every stressed-out woman’s prayer: she is a born healer, offering calm and compassionate “how to” guidelines to fight off the personal “gremlins” that too often hold us back. The Flourish Formula is the self-care manual every overachieving woman wants and needs: it’s practical, spiritual, compassionate, and filled with daily guidelines that heal, energize, and inspire.  Every page offers fresh insights about how to lean back before you can lean in. “

Marie Danziger, Arts of Communication lecturer & (former) Director of the HKS Communications Program, Harvard Kennedy School

“Courtney Pinkerton’s Flourish Formula is an invaluable resource for anyone who is caught up in the busyness of life.  Brimming with concrete and doable tips, her Formula is built upon deep and rich inner wisdom from the ages as well as her own lived experience. A seeker for over 40 years and a passionate teacher of the Enneagram for nearly 30, I found many new ideas and tips I plan to incorporate into my own life. The conscious mind can’t wrap its head around accomplishing more by slowing down, but this paradox can be realized by using this book as a guide. I highly recommend it!”

Terry Saracino, MA, MBA, Founder of the Nonprofit The Narrative Enneagram,