Hi beautiful, How are you?

Last week I shared about a new free 5 Day Challenge I am creating to help women tend to their inner garden and liberate themselves from invasive weeds of self-doubt, imposter syndrome, perfectionism and more! Many of you answered my survey and I am moved by what you have shared. In fact I am reading each answer and musing on what to call this new Challenge.

If you haven’t yet completed the survey I would love to hear from you.

Also as promised I wanted to let you know the other prize for the raffle for those of you who complete the survey. I meditated on it this week and yesterday morning as I woke up it came to me: Naked Bee Shimmering Body lotion.

I bought myself this lotion last summer when we were on a day trip looking for something fun and outdoors to do with our kids. When tubing on the river was cancelled because of thunderstorms we stopped in the touristy mountain town to buy everyone ice-cream (good pivot!) and ducked into a nearby gift shop.

Perusing the multitude of t-shirts and knickknacks, I discovered the shelf filled with fancy personal care products and bought myself some shimmering body lotion. It made me happy and even feel a little feminine all summer long. I would take a moment to rub it on my neck or shoulders and breathe in the scent of orange blossoms and honey. This simple, quick practice was a welcome self-care boost above the minimum standard of brushing my teeth.

There is so much going on in our world – why focus on body lotion?

Because right now little pleasures are actually serious medicine.
They offer a doorway into self-kindness. And when many of us are finding ourselves eyeball to eyeball with challenging inner voices (in part because of the added stress and limitations of lockdown), little pleasures can interrupt the trance of our Enneagram patterning and bring us back into presence.

My weakness for botanically-infused toiletries aside, nature is a powerful mental health ally. Whether it is a walk outdoors, a favorite herbal tea or essential oil diffusing, Vitamin N helps us get back into our body and feel more resourced for the challenges at hand.

So as we transition into warmer weather, please consider this your permission slip/reminder to refresh your pleasure portfolio and to lean on nature as your ally in metabolizing stress.   

And if you would like a chance to win a prize of the lotion or a signed copy of my book, or you just want to help me out and share your thoughts, please complete the survey by clicking the link here. (It is only six questions.)

And I hope you have a wonderful weekend. We are celebrating Easter with an egg hunt and al fresco bunch with some of our co-housing neighbors. And I’m really looking forward to a getaway to a nearby National Park with old growth forest!

I’ll be offline all next week for Spring Break but will pick the raffle winner when I get back. (I’ll see if Rosetta will help me and we may do another quick video of the draw!).

And mark your calendars: this free challenge will start May 3rd and I have even more prizes and fun in store for us, in addition to fresh teaching and the best resources I know to help us root deep and flourish, even when life feels bumpy or intense.

xo Courtney

Courtney Pinkerton is a certified life coach and the author of the Amazon bestseller, The Flourish Formula: An Overachiever's Guide to Slowing Down & Accomplishing More.

Courtney is an inner life coach and Enneagram mentor. She helps conscious women (and a few amazing men!) to pursue their most salient creative, professional and quality-of-life dreams and to discover more pleasure in their everyday.

She has dual master’s degrees from Harvard Divinity School and Harvard Kennedy School, is a certified Wayfinder life coach and has been studying the Enneagram with master teachers for over a decade. After selling their house and all their belongings and spending a year in Nicaragua tutored by their neighbors in the art of slowing down and living more, Courtney and her husband and their three children now make their home in a co-housing community in Asheville, North Carolina.


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