This is my mantra for the year and I reach for it often:
“Choose aliveness over control.”

I’ve needed it as I’ve been nurturing my new podcast the last few months. Drumroll………..

Inner Ecology with Courtney Pinkerton! 

This podcast will be a conversation exploring the intersection between our inner life (thoughts, emotions, Enneagram patterns, and deepest, wisest motivations) and healing our beautiful blue green planet. 🌎🌿

I haven’t felt this excited about a creative project since I wrote my book.

While at the moment the podcast primarily exists in my own heart and mind, I can feel the potential of it growing and taking shape in simple ways as I take each step: buying the recording equipment and software, listing out people I’d like to interview and topics to explore, and chatting about it with my family, friends and colleagues.

And the podcast development process is teaching me, once again, the power of releasing my expected time frame and remembering that growth is not a linear process.

For example, at the end of January I got all uptight because I had an internal expectation that I would release my first episode by the end of the month. A few life curveballs have been taking my energy lately including numerous snow days (whole snow weeks!) with children at home. Also Rich and I recently surprised ourselves by deciding to relocate out of our beloved co-housing community and to find a home with more SPACE for our growing tweenager/teenagers. So we are deep into the process of house-hunting and searching for our new nest here in Asheville.  

I realized that while I could force the podcast to come together, honestly, I don’t like to work that way anymore.

Instead I like to ask myself who do I want to BE inside this new offering? And the answer to that question is that I want to be my most playful and curious self. 

So I’ve relaxed my timeframe and plan to launch the podcast later this spring after I’ve learned more about how to launch a podcast and have several of the episodes already recorded.

Ooooh I can’t wait to keep sharing the process with you. 

Also, here are a few ideas to gift yourself or to share with a friend or loved one:

Order a copy of The Flourish Formula 

“I just read the Flourish Formula finally on some flights over the weekend and…. I loved the book so much, and can’t wait to dive back into it actively when I get home. It is so right for so many moments, and so beautifully written. Can someone be friends with a book? That is how I feel. Thank you! Danielle”

(I just received this note last week and my heart bloomed. 🌹 I absolutely wrote the book to be a friend.)

Also the gift coaching sessions I shared over the holidays were well received so I’ve opened up five more of them. You can reserve one here to gift to a friend or dear one in your life — including yourself! (These sessions are discounted from my regular coaching price and are a great way to get a taste of coaching. After you purchase I’ll reach out to ask you who the session is for and share the link to schedule on my online calendar. They can be enjoyed anytime in 2022.)