The Cultivate Your Inner Garden Challenge


 Join me for this free, five day challenge and learn to liberate yourself from painful negative voices and cultivate a resilient inner eco-system which nurtures your goals

I’ve spent over 15 years studying and working with the inner life: specifically how our thoughts, feelings, Enneagram type, and other inner habits can either SUPPORT or STRANGLE the hopes and desires we have for our life. I am going to curate the very best tools and practices in this free, five day challenge to help you liberate yourself from painful negative voices and cultivate a resilient inner eco-system which nurtures your goals. Also, the last year has been intense, so while the resources I’m sharing are POTENT, we will be approaching the learning in a fun and playful way, and there are several prizes I can’t wait to tell you more about!

As things start to change again and open up – this is the PERFECT time to nurture your inner garden so you can metabolize overwhelm and integrate the lessons of the year. Let’s not step “back to normal,” but into a new and better normal!

 Over the course of five days we are going to cover:

       🌿 Daily practices that nourish your inner eco-system so you feel more present to what is going well in your life and have energy to make the changes you desire.

       🌿 Where negative inner voices come from, why they get louder when you are growing and how to use the Enneagram to help us in these moments

       🌿 Simple body, breath and mind-set techniques to easily “snap out” of a draining inner dialogue     

       🌿 How to respond when you find yourself sabotaging or slowing your forward movement toward your goals

AND by registering for this challenge you’ll not only get all of this training but you will ALSO get access to daily LIVE Q & A calls with me plus recordings, and journaling prompts to help you take it deeper. Joining the Challenge you will be added (if you aren’t already) to my email list where a few times a month I share favorite resources and ways we can work together. I treat your inbox as sacred and don’t sell info or spam. You can easily unsubscribe.

We start the Challenge on Monday May 3.

Date: Monday May 3 – Friday May 7.

Time: Each morning for five days I’ll email you a brief video, plus details on your daily challenge action item and a journaling prompt for those who want to take it deeper. Plus I am hosting live Q and A calls each day at noon Eastern for support. 

For each person who joins the challenge (up to 250) I will be making a $1 donation to the Loveland Foundation to support their work in healing trauma in Black women and girls. Because flourishing is never a solitary sport.

Please join today and invite a friend/s you think would enjoy it.

Together we can both be and support the change we want in the world. 🌎

Yours, Courtney